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Flame Haze is a anime/manga concept
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Flame Haze is a person that has his/her existence eaten by a Crimson Lord, and in exchange the Crimson Lord will turn him/her to an immortal being with superhuman power, in order to fight one who bring danger for the world's balance.

Flame hazes are avengers. They became a flame haze in order to take revenge on a certain Guze no Tomogara that kill their important people, like their family, friend, lover, etc. But, there are exceptions like Shana and Mathilde, they became a flame haze because they want to. Shana don't have any specific revenge on Tomogara (Denizen). Their vengeance is the one that make them can survive very long. Some flame hazes die because they commit suicide, because they are tired to live. After they took revenge, usually they will retire (if they're not die) and stay on an outlaw.


Flame haze hunt Tomogara to maintain the two world's balance. According to their mission, they kill Tomogara that bring danger to the balance, and they should not hunt Tomogara that care for the balance. Still, many flame hazes deviate from the mission due to their hatred towards Tomogara, still targeting harmless Tomogara like Rammie.

Contract and Stuffs

  • To become a flame haze, a person must make a contract with a Guze no Ō. They're contracted to a Lord, but there's an exception like "Archer of Aurora" (極光の射手 Kyokkō no Ite) whom contracted to twin Lords, "Forerunner of Daybreak" (Hagyō no Senku) Outrenniaia and "Successor of Twilight" (Sekibo no Kōjin) Vetcherniaia. Their contract can be broken if the flame haze die, or the Lord cancel their contract.
  • After become a flame haze, one will receive the tittle. The tittle usually describes his/her ability. The tittle's formation is usually "<verb> + -er/-or of <noun>", like Margery's "Interpreter of Condolence", or Wilhelmina's "Manipulator of Objects". However, there are some that don't follow the rule, like Shana's "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".
  • A flame haze carries a jinki. A jinki (God's Vessel; 神器) is the Lord's vessel. A jinki contain the Lord, and flame haze communicates with her/his Lord using this Jinki. The jinki's form is based on the flame haze's desire, but the name is the same, like Alastor's "Cocytus", and Marchosias "Grimoire". The jinki cannot be destroyed, or the flame haze contracted to the Lord will perish.
  • Each flame hazes have their own flame. The color of the flame are different, and the flame color is the same with their contractor's. The color can be seen if they cast Fuzetsu, or if they throw fire. The flame color is usually just a color, but there are exceptions like "Archer of Aurora" (aurora colored), etc. Also there are Flame Haze whose "flame" isn't flame itself, but lightning; Sophie Sawallisch is the example of this.


Flame Haze can be killed if he/she is injured with a fierce, or the Jinki he/she carries is destroyed. Flame Haze perish if the contractor cancel the contract, of if he/she is shot by Trigger Happy (the Lord who reside inside them will be awaken and they can't hold the Lord's big existence).

General Information Edit
Concept Name Flame Haze
Japanese Name: フレイムヘイズ
Romaji Name: Fureimu Heizu
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime movie:
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