Five Palace Guardians

Five Palace Guardians is a anime/manga concept
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The Five Palace Guardians are King's soldiers who fight Haru's gang during the Tower of Din arc.


During the Tower of Din Arc, King summons them with a Dark Bring, Gate. He tells them to kill Haru and his gang but not Gale Glory. After successfully trapping Haru, the members fight Haru a bit before Elie saves Haru with her tonfas.

Battles in The Soul Palace

The Soul Palace is a magic that Ltiangle uses to separate people and put them in a scene where their souls want to rest.

  • Ltiangle vs Musica
  • Racas vs Haru
  • Ron Glace vs Musica and Solasido
  • Rionette vs Elie, Remmy, Plue, Griffon, and Solasido
  • Let vs Haru



He is the leader of the Five Guardians. His Dark Bring is called Transparent which is an invisible weapon.


He is a demon who wears sunglasses and dances with two maracas. He can read minds and return enemy attacks with the double force.

Ron Glace

He is a knight who has a murderous lust. His Dark Bring is Hell Spikes/ or Needles. He slams his lance and spikes rise from the ground.


He is a tall man with a long neck who wears a skull for a helmet. According to Ltiangle, he is the most cruel member. His Dark Bring, Shadow Doll, allows him to step on shadows to immobilize his enemies. Also, he uses his Dark Bring to create shadow clones of himself.

Let Dahaka

Let is a honorable dragon who fights to get strong. He has no Dark Bring and fights with his bare hands.

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