Fist of the North Star Condom Mania!

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From the Rakuten's website:

The present when STD (sexually transmitted disease) including HIV becomes the serious problem,

I want to save a lot the grieving person with the wound alone.

From such thought as a condom according to the size with "JUST FIT" of the longtime seller,

"The fist of the north star" which I described the figure which fought for the person whom Shiro Ken loved for unquiet times in crossed a hand.

The keyword (thought) to be common to both…"Love and gentleness"

"The fist of the north star" approves of activity for the destruction of the STD (sexually transmitted disease) including HIV.

When the size of the condom does not do just fit, I cannot taste an original sense and,

It is torn and may fall.

Therefore it is important to use a condom in accord with one's size.

Please try just fit at this opportunity!

And, please regain love and gentleness!

I first saw this on Crunchyroll, and my jaws drop.

Rejoice Fist of the North Star fans! Yeah...

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I don't even

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@Elfenlied1012 said:

I don't even

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Now it would be funny they made Kenshiro's "ATATATATATA" sound.
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