Fist of the North Star Concepts

Fist of the North Star is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 5 anime series, 5 manga series
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Male characters that share the same parents.


The belief of predetermined events.

Extreme Violence

It's use can be intended to be shockingly disturbing or hilariously absurd.


Gar is an American-made term that counters the concept of "moe." A character who is gar (or who someone else claims to be "gar for") is a character of such intense masculinity that he (or, occasionally, she) inspires feelings of worship.

Heroic Sacrifice

An act when someone gives up something of great importance for a greater good.

Hokuto Shinken

Lethal martial art that utilizes pressure points to destroy an opponent from within. Traditionally passed from one master to a single successor.

Martial Arts

Seen in just about every form of anime at least at one point. The key component that makes Shounen popular among boys. As well as Ancient art in itself

Nanto Seiken

A rival discipline to Hokuto Shinken, this superhuman martial art enables practitioners to use their hands like a blade and stab or slice through their opponents' bodies.


The world after the Big One (nuclear war, intergalactic invasion, super disease). Life sucks after the Apocalypse.

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