Fish-Man Island

Fish-Man Island is a anime/manga location
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Fish-Man Island is an island in the Grand Line located beneath the Red Line, and is home of Fish-men and Mermaids.


One Piece Vol. 62 JPN (May 2011)
One Piece Vol. 62 JPN (May 2011)

The location of Fish-man Island is a setting from the One Piece series that was written by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. It first appeared in One Piece Volume 62 CH. 607 "30,000 Feet Under the Sea", and the anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 526 "Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Drifting to the Fish-Man Island!".


Fish-Man Island
Fish-Man Island

Fish-Man Island is the only known underwater island of the Grand Line and it located 30,000 feet under the land mass known as the Red Line. This makes it the only island on the half way point for all who are trying to cross to the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. Due to the inedible depths, a normal ship or submarine can not reach it. A ship requires a special bubble coating to survive the dangerous journey.

This is the only location on the ocean's floor that light reaches. That is becasue of the roots of the Sun Tree Eve (陽樹イブ Yōju Ibu) reaches from the top of the Red Line and to the ocean floor. There are many theories for the reason, but the tree absorbs the light from the surface and carries it all the way to the roots. When night falls on the surface, the light also dims for Fish-Man Island. The Sun Tree Eve also releases oxygen to resupply the island.

The entire island is covered by a double layer bubble that holds in the air and water. Safe entry can only be made through the official entrance gate.

Ryugu Palace

Ryugu Palace
Ryugu Palace

The Ryugu Palace (竜宮城, Ryūgū-jō) is the home to the royal family of the Ryugu Kingdom. It's located in a separate air bubble high above the main island. This makes it nearly impossible to infultrate any other way that the main gate that extends from the palace to the main air sphere.

Ryugu Palace first appeared n One Piece Volume 62 CH. 612 "Taken By the Shark They Saved", and the anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 531 "The Ryugu Palace! Taken by the Shark that They Saved!". The VIZ Media publication calls it Ryugu Catle.

Hard-Shell Tower

Hard-Shell Tower (硬殻塔, Kōkakutō) is a location in the Ryugu Palace that was originally a fortified armory. It was later refurbished to serve as the room for Princess Shirahoshi when she started to receive threats from the pirate Vander Decken IX. She wasn't able to leave here for ten years due to Vander Decken's power to throw dangerous weapons from anywhere that will home on on her location.

  • The Ryugu Palace is named after a reference to Ryūgū-jō, an undersea palace within the Japanese legend of Urashima Tarō.

Mermaid Cove

Mermaid Cove
Mermaid Cove

The Mermaid Cove (人魚の入り江, Ningyo no Irie) is a town on the outskirts of Fish-Man Island where many young mermaids live and socialize, and it's the location of the Underwater Coral Apartments. This is where Camie and her friends live wither the fellow employees of the Mermaid Cafe.

Mermaid Cove first appeared n One Piece Volume 62 CH. 608 "Underwater Paradise", and the anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 527 "Landing at the Fish-Man Island! Beautiful Mermaids! ". The VIZ Media publication calls it Mermaid Inlet.

Coral Hill

The Coral Hill (サンゴが丘 Sango ga Oka)

The Mermaid Cafe (マーメイドカフェ Māmeido Kafe)

Fisherly Hills

The Fisherly Hills (ギョバリーヒルズ Gyobarī Hiruzu)

Pappug's Mansion

Conchcorde Plaza

The Conchcorde Plaza (ギョンコルド広場 Gyonkorudo Hiroba)

Sea Forest

The Sea Forest (海の森 Umi no Mori?)

Otohime's Grave

Candy Factory Town

The Candy Factory Factory Town (おかし工場の町 Okashi Kōjō no Machi)

Fishman's Meeting Hall (魚民文化会館 Gyomin Bunka Kaikan)

Marine Shopping Mall

The Marine Shopping Mall (マリンショッピングモール Marin Shoppingu Mōru)

Water Wheel Town

The Water Wheel Town (水車の町 Suisha no Machi)

Fishman Karate Dojo

Fishman District

The Fishman District (魚人街 Gyojin-gai)


Royal Family

King Neptune

Queen Otohime





Minister of the Left

Minister of the Right

Mermaids & Mermen


Camie is a kissing gourami mermaid that lives in Mermaid Cove in the dorms for the employees of the Mermaid Cafe. She's a friend of Hatchan, a former member of the Arlong Pirates; and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Madam Sharley

Madam Sharley is a shortfin mako shark mermaid. She's the owner of the Mermaid Cafe in Coral Hill, and a renowned fortune-teller.



Medaka Mermaid Sisters










Maria Napole



Pappagu is a starfish fish-man who lives in Fisherly Hills on Fish-Man Island. He is the famous fashion designer who created the CRIMINAL


Tom was a fishman shipwright who lived in Water 7. He built the pirate ship of Gold Roger, and taught Franky and Iceburg to build.

Sun Pirates

New Fish-Man Pirates

Arlong Pirates

Macro Pirates

General Information Edit
Location Name Fish-Man Island
Japanese Name: 魚人島
Romaji Name: Gyojin-tō
Aliases Ryugu Kingdom
Ryugu Palace
Ryugu Catle
Mermaid Cove
Mermaid Inlet
Coral Hill
Fisherly Hills
Gyoverly Hills
Conchcorde Plaza
Gyoncorde Plaza
Sea Forest
Candy Factory Town
Shopping Mall
Water Wheel
Town Fishman
Karate Dojo
Fishman District
1st manga book: One Piece #62
1st anime episode: One Piece #526
1st anime movie:
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