First Squad - The Moment Of Truth

First Squad - The Moment Of Truth is an anime movie
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A teenage psychic Russian girl, who is part of a secret Soviet program, must stop a group of Nazi occultists from resurrecting an undead army during World War II

Plot Summary

The film begins in the midst of a battle. After an artillery barrage, one officer stands up and calls for a charge. However, before the attack can begin, a knight on horseback rides out of the mist and cuts off his head.

A teenage girl, Nadya, awakens from her vision in the back of a truck. She, along with two performers, are going to entertain the Russian troops. After the woman performs a song for the men, Nadya, a psychic, performs mind reading exercises while blindfolded. Through this, twin women, in Soviet uniforms, take pictures of the soldiers, and Nadya. After removing her blindfold, she sees the futures of all of the men - all dead, riddled with bullets, save one man. As she backs away in horror, a German air raid attacks the unit, killing hundreds of men. She, alone, survives, and is rescued by a mysterious monk.

As Nadya lies comatose, she remembers her earlier life - working with her parents in the circus, and then, after the war begain, joining the Soviet Section Six, a secret project to produce units of psychic soldiers. After the Nazi's attacked the school, her friends were killed, but she managed to escape. Awakening, the Monk tells her to go to Moscow and speak to General Belov. Before the monk can tell her more, the twins appear again - and reveal themselves as Nazi assassins, sent to kill Nadya. The monk holds them off while Nadia flees.

Reaching Moscow, Nadya reaches the Kremlin, but is not believed and is hospitalized. She is saved from a lobotomy by General Belov, who rescues her. Nadya tells Belov of what happened, and her vision. Belov informs her that an important decision point - A Moment of Truth, is coming, and that the Germans are going to take advantage of this point - where, briefly, the dead can come and effect the world of the living, to attack, using the spirit of the German knight Baron Von Wolff and his soldiers to win the day. To defeat them, she will need help - she will need to travel into the Gloomy Valley, where the spirits of slain soldiers go, to find her former squad-mates.

Using psychotropic drugs, and a special device, Nadya travels to the Gloomy Valley, where she is captured by Von Wolff's men - who are massing for the upcoming attack. Fortunately, she is rescued by her former squad-mates - Leo, Zena, Marat, and Valya. She asks them to help, and they agree, and she tells them to prepare and wait for her psychic signal.

Returning to the real world, Nadya tells Belov that her friends will be ready, and Belov asks her to identify the commander from her vision - but she can't. Telling her to sleep on it, Belov has his driver take her to his house. On the way there, the Nazi assassins attack again. Belov's driver is killed, but Nadya escapes onto the Metro. There she recognizes the face of the man from her vision - the same man who survived the bombing attack earlier. Nadya calls Belov, and then sets out to find the Commander. After one last attempt by the Twins on her life, Nadya escapes onto a train bound for the front lines.

Reaching the front, Nadya gets close to the battle, and signals the rest of First Squad to come. The Moment of Truth arrives, and First Squad, along with Nadya, manages to fend off the attack of the Undead army. Unfortunately, Von Wolff escapes, possibly to return at some time in the future. The Soviet charge is successful, and this becomes the beginning of the end of the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

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Yuichi Takahashi Key Animator
Toshiyuki Kanno Key Animator
Yoshiharu Ashino Director
Itaru Saito Key Animator
Mitsunori Murata Key Animator Key Animator on several major films and OVAs, including Dante's Inferno, Paprika, and Patlabor: The Movie
Rie Nishino Key Animator
Masanobu Nomura Art Director Masanobu Nomura is a Japanese art director for anime.
Hirofumi Nakata Animation Director Character Designer and Animation Director for Studio 4C.

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General Information Edit
Name: First Squad - The Moment Of Truth
Release Date: Sept. 24, 2009
Name: ファースト・スクワッド
Romaji: Fāsuto sukuwaddo
Release Date: May 13, 2009
Rating: None
Runtime: 73 (mins)
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Aliases First Squad
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