Fireball is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 05/28/2011
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Natsu and co. find Earthland Lucy who uses her magic to help them escape from the Royal Army while Gajeel runs into his Edolas counterpart. After meeting her Edolas version, Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Charle encounter Natsu's counterpart, who saves the group from near capture by the soldiers but to their disbelief, he's not what they expected.

Plot Summary

Happy: "Poofy!!"
Happy: "Poofy!!"

Lucy meets her Edolas counterpart with shock but their introduction is cut short when soldiers of the Royal Army show up and attempt to arrest them. Lucy tells Natsu to use his magic and defeat them but he replies that he can't and then asks why she's able to do so. Lucy answers that she has no idea but upon hearing that she's the only one who can use magic, she generates the idea that she must now be the strongest member of Fairy Tail. Natsu disregards this and demands she do something. She complies and summons Aries who uses her "soft and fluffy" yet effective attacks to give them enough time to escape.

Lucy meets Mystogan
Lucy meets Mystogan

In the forest, Lucy explains that she entered Edolas with the help of Horologium and Mystogan. She explains that Horologium summoned himself when he felt a fluctuation between time and space and kept Lucy safe as Magnolia was being sucked into Edolas. Then Mystogan appeared before her and gave her a brief explanation about Edolas. After doing so, he let her swallow a mysterious pill and sent her to Edolas to save her friends. Edo-Lucy then asks if they truly belief that they can stand up to and defeat the Kingdom without being able to use magic, to which they answer that will do anything they must to save their friends. Lucy then responds that she can use magic and because of this, she proclaims that she is currently strongest mage of Fairy Tail making Edo-Lucy think that they are a bunch of weirdos.


The group then stop by a hotel in Sycca City where they analyze a map of Edolas to determine how long they would have to journey to reach the Royal City. Soon after, Edo-Lucy appears with her towel on and in amazement, tells everyone that her and Lucy have identical bodies prompting a disapproving retort from the Celestial Mage who tells her not to walk around in a towel, despite her doing the same thing. As Natsu watches this, Edo-Lucy asks if he wants a peek to which he suppresses a laugh and tells them not to take a bath together which the two just seemingly realized.


Natsu then suggest they do a mirror cry to which the two exclaim no way, in perfect sync. Happy then adds that Gemini can also transform into Lucy who Lucy decides to summon. With three Lucy's, Natsu states that they could do one of those party quizzes with all four (Wendy, Charle, Natsu and Happy) trying to guess which one is the "real" Lucy. The three then yell that this isn't some party.

Edo-Lucy likes her new haircut
Edo-Lucy likes her new haircut

After Earthland and Edolas Lucy change into their identical pajamas, the group remark that its hard to tell them apart so the latter asks Lucy to summon her spirit which does haircuts. Lucy agrees and summons Cancer who gives Edo-Lucy a new short haircut making it much easier to differentiate between the two. The next day, Lucy becomes furious over a note left by her counterpart who gives them directions and wishes them luck.

The two Gajeel's get along pretty well
The two Gajeel's get along pretty well

Meanwhile, at a bar, Gajeel overhears a conversation from some people that the giant lacrima from the other world is going to be extracted of its magic in two days. He then asks them for more details and a man next to him asks the same question at the same time, causing them to look at each other in surprise. The two introduce themselves with Edolas Gajeel explaining that he's a freelancer writer who never writes anything false but because most of his articles are not in the favor of the kingdom, he's garnered several enemies. Although Gajeel states that they are some differences between their worlds, him and Edo-Gajeel, in perfect sync, add that they aren't so different. As they walk down the road, they discuss their similar personalities and interests but then take their own separate paths. However, before they bid their farewells, Edo-Gajeel promises to give Gajeel the information he needs to help him out.

Virgo comes in Loke's stead
Virgo comes in Loke's stead

Back to Natsu and co., Lucy is seen content after finding a book about the history of Edolas and as they discuss its contents, they're interrupted upon hearing from some soldiers that the magic extraction of a giant lacrima will take place in two days. Realizing that they won't make it there in time on foot, Natsu proposes they steal a nearby airship, fully confident that with Wendy's magic, his motion sickness won't kick in. But after Wendy informs him that she can't use her magic, he takes back his plan but Lucy is all in for it. She approaches the soldiers and summons Loke but Virgo shows up in his stead. Lucy asks what she's doing here, and Virgo replies that her "brother" is currently on a date. In panic, Lucy tries to come up with something, but Natsu and Wendy decide to use their Edolas weapons to deal with the soldiers. However, they get easily wiped out. As the soldiers were about to capture the group, a speeding four-wheeled vehicle with a Fairy Tail logo storms in and commands them to hop in.

Edo-Natsu starts to tear up after being questioned by Natsu
Edo-Natsu starts to tear up after being questioned by Natsu

The driver explains that his vehicle is much faster than the airship and then takes off his goggles who is revealed to be Natsu's counterpart, Natsu Dragion. He introduces himself as the fastest man in Fairy Tail known as "Fireball" Natsu who specializes in making deliveries which shocks the group since their Natsu can't handle transportation. Edo-Natsu then comments that his counterpart is "lame" because of his weakness. After explaining the workings of magic vehicles in Edolas, he stops abruptly and tells everyone to get out. He tells them that he needs whatever magic he has, necessary to run the vehicle, to return to his guild. But before he leaves, Natsu pulls him out despite protests from his counterpart and asks him how he can handle transportation. Edo-Natsu is then seen quivering and begins to tear up. He apologizes and says that he doesn't know, prompting questioning and surprising looks from the group.

Points of Interest

  • Earthland and Edolas Lucy have identical bodies and respond in perfect sync despite their differences in personality.
  • Virgo refers to Loke as her "brother".
  • Lucy considered herself as currently the strongest mage of Fairy Tail (since she was the only one in the group to use magic).
  • Edolas Natsu makes his first appearance and is an expert in transportation unlike his counterpart. However he has a personality disorder whereby in a vehicle he tends to be rude, over-confident and arrogant while outside he's apologetic, shy and prone to crying.
  • Gajeel meets his Edolas counterpart and the two are shown to be quite similar despite their slight differences in appearance.
  • Edolas Gajeel is an insider and makes an agreement with Gajeel to help him out.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Gemini makes an appearance, whereas in the manga they don't.
  • In the manga, Edo-Lucy walks into the room without a towel but Lucy covers her up just in time but in the anime this doesn't happen.
  • Unlike the manga, Aries used three moves and reveals new two moves (besides wool bomb) in the anime. They are wool shot and wool wall.
  • Edo-Natsu doesn't wear gloves in the anime whereas in the manga he does.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Fumihiko Shimo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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