Fire God's Breath

Fire God's Breath is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 10/29/2009

The ghost of the technically-dead Cruz finds himself facing a Mahjong table with the dead spirits of Uten, the resistance leader, and that Kafuka guy who died after the first episode. Back in the present, due to the laws of anime, Cruz is not-quite-dead, and Disk and Gido agree they need Eve's help to heal the wound Aruka cut across his chest. However, Eve is busy fighting Saten.

Meanwhile, Adam Blade tries to defend against Aruka's Heat Explosion attack, and nearly gets his arm melted off. Eve brings up a handy pyramid chart and explains that her abilities are top tier, while others like Teruyama and Blade are the lowest tier. Teruyama takes offense at being called weak, but Blade doesn't care and continues fighting. While this is going on, Eve demands to know why Saten is holding back, and he tells her that he loves her. Eve is not sure if he's being honest, but he does offer her an opportunity to knock himself out of the fight so Eve can heal Cruz. Saten tells her to dodge right, but she dodges left, however Saten predicted this, and does the opposite action which results in Eve smacking him into a wall.

Having knocked him out of the way, Eve uses her Doppleganger ability to heal up the fissure in Cruz's chest. Meanwhile, Adam Blade finds himself surrounded by a wall of flame as he listens to a lecture from Aruka about how Needless abilities work (it involves the 90% of the brain you can't use, and activating parts of it simultaneously). Blade finally understands how to counter Aruka's "Agnishwattas" attack, by using the Fourth Wave ability he memorized from Saten earlier because both abilities involve heat absorption, therefore they both use similar parts of the brain (neuroscience does not work that way!).

After Aruka curses her need for villainous exposition, Blade fires up a super-powered form of Teruyama's two attacks, the "Special Vulcan Shock Little Boy," and is somehow able to draw a sketch of Cruz on a notepad saying it's okay for him to use the full power of the attack on his sister as he launches forward. He rams her with the giant fireball as the episode ends.

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