Death Note #12 - Finis

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 07/04/2006

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Kan (完)

Viz Edition Release Date: July 3, 2007

The battle ends here!

The final volume of Death Note starts off immediately after Takada is kidnapped by Mello. Light questions Near if he is behind this to which Near replies that he is not so both parties conclude that it must be Mello at the root of things. Takadas bodyguards catch up with Matt who was working with Mello in Takadas kidnapping and kill him without mercy. So now that Mello has kidnapped Takada, he instructs her to strip down to which she asks if she could atleast keep her undergarments and a blanket to cover herself with. While Mello is acting as a courier of sorts, Takada gets in contact with Light and tells him that she has done as he instructed by writing down Mellos name on a hidden piece of the Death Note she kept in her bra as well as hints at where her current location is wishing that he can come and save her. While Light is on his way to Takadas current location, he uses a piece of the Death Note he had hidden in his watch to write down Takadas name, causing her to commit suicide by setting herself as well as all the evidence on fire leaving no trace. When both Lidner from the SPK and Aizawa, Ide, and Light arrive at the scene they find everything aflame and both Mello and Takada dead.

After the incident with Takada and Mello, NHK is eager to find a new Kira spokesperson acting as if what happened with Takada was just a reason she wasn't good enough. Near contacts Light and confirms the meeting place and time of the meet at Yellow Box Warehouse located at Daikoku Wharf. Light replies that everything is still fine and that no changes are necessary. Near asks that someone other than Light carry the Death Note because of course, he suspects that Light is indeed Kira. Aizawa is the one that Light chooses to carry the notebook and with everything all set, the task force head off to the warehouse. Once the task force arrives, Aizawa checks to make sure that the SPK as well as their leader, Near are indeed inside which he tells Light and the others that they are.

Light and the members of the task force enter the warehouse and before them are Near and the SPK. Near is wearing a mask of what appears to be resemblance to the original L (Ryuzaki). He says that the mask is just a precaution and that he will not take it off until he makes sure that everything is secure. Near also mentions that there is a third party just outside the warehouse and that he is writing down the names of the SPK and task force members as they speak. This causes Matsuda and the task force members to panic, and Aizawa demands to know why Near is just letting this happen all the while Light is thinking to himself that everything is going as he planned and that he thought of all of this long ago. He knew of Nears plan from the beginning and had Mikami carry out his instructions to replace the real Death Note with a fake all the while writing down names in the real notebook carrying out his duty to punish criminals. Near assures everyone that they will not die because he replaced Mikamis Death Note with a fake one. Mikami takes a peek through the door of the warehouse confirming that Light is really Kira then starts writing down the names of the SPK members and task force members (excluding Light of course) and makes his grand appearance. Light asks how many seconds are left before everyone dies to which Mikami starts counting down and once he counts 39 seconds Light announces that he has won. When 40 seconds reach everyone is still alive much to Light and Mikamis surprise. Near tells them once again that he said they would not die. Light demands to know why no one died and even goes so far as accusing Mikami of betraying him. Once Near tells Light that he has lost, Aizawa and Mogi go in to make the arrest only to have the handcuffs slapped away by Light who has by now nearly lost his mind as he makes an attempt to run to the warehouses largest door. He thinks how things could possibly have gone wrong, Near tells him it was all the work of Mello.

After an introduction from Ryuk who is now visible by Near having the real Death Note. He asks Ryuk if someone can tear a piece of the Death Note out and write on it while still being able to kill someone. Near then explains his plan to Light in detail. As things turned out, Gevanni had made a replica Death Note he took and placed in Mikamis locker at the gym taking the real Death Note out instead. Near also explains that Mikami had written Takadas name down just a little before Light had causing Light to be outraged by Mikamis mistake. Near later goes on to mention that Mello had helped him through this plan and in the end both Near and Mello ended up succeeding in capturing Kira as L had failed to do. Light stays silent for a moment but then breaks down, going completely insane at this point he starts laughing maniacally and admits to everyone that he is indeed Kira then asks Near if he will kill him and goes into this long monologue about how he is Kira and how is also the God of the new world. He tells Near and everyone else that he realized from the moment the Death Note came into his possession that he needed to cleanse the world of evil that evil must disappear from the world. Near tells him that he is no god, that he is just a murder and nothing more. Light looks around the warehouse as he takes in the glares from both the SPK members and task force members alike. He asks Near if the notebook Aizawa is carrying is real or fake and opens his watch, revealing that he had another hidden piece of the Death Note. His attempt to write Nears true name down is marred thanks to Matsudas sharp shooting. Light screams at Matsuda, asking why he shot him just now. Matsuda asks what Lights father Soichiro Yagami died for. Light just replies that his father did not die in vain. Matsuda takes this as complete rubbish, causing Light to attempt to finish writing Nears name with his own blood but is stopped again before he can write the last letter by Matsuda emptying out his revolver on Light causing him to be completely disabled. Matsuda doesn't stop there however as he prepares to finish Light off, though the shot just ends up going into the ground a little ways away from Lights head. Aizawa and Mogi pull Matsuda away and try to calm him down while Light starts screaming for help from Mikami. Mikami, by now has realized that Light is no god but instead just a pathetic mess. Light starts yelling for help from Takada and Misa but Near tells him that Takada is dead and that Misa is currently in a hotel.

Light turns to Ryuk as his last resort and begs him to kill Near, the members of SPK, and the task force all at once. Ryuk replies that he will indeed write the names causing the task force to start shooting at Ryuk, of course nothing like guns and bullets can really harm a shinigami so they just pass through him instead. After Ryuk has finished writing he shows what name he wrote in his Death Note. Light is shocked when he finds out it is HIS name. Light demands to know why Ryuk wrote his name just now and questions if he will die. Ryuk nods and replies that Light will indeed die with the cause of death being that of a heartattack within 40 seconds. Matsuda has some regret as he sees Light now in his final moments but Aizawa tells him that he should have no regrets for what he did. Light has some flashbacks when he is on the verge of death back to when he first got the Death Note and when he first met Ryuk. Ryuk explains that a human who has used the Death Note goes to neither heaven nor hell. After 40 seconds passes, Light finally dies and is left in a crumpled pathetic heap on the cold floor of the warehouse.

A year later, we find Matsuda and Ide discussing how there are still some around that still believe in Kira and think that he is just taking a rest for now. Matsuda theorizes that before Near burned the Death Notes, he killed Mikami causing him to commit suicide in his own jail cell after being taken away on that day. Ide refuses to believe in Matsudas theory and says that he has no merit to back it up whatsoever. They get a call in from Aizawa who is now chief of police taking Soichiro Yagamis position. With Near telling them that he would like to share the details of the next case with the task force who has a new member among them who just happens to be Lights old friend Yamamoto.

At the end of the volume we see a group of Kira supporters lead by a young woman who believes that Kira is their savior and prays that he will come back someday.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 99: The Two (二人 "Futari")
  • Chapter 100: Face to Face (対面 "Taimen")
  • Chapter 101: Inducement (誘導 "Yūdō")
  • Chapter 102: Patience (我慢 "Gaman")
  • Chapter 103: Declaration (宣言 "Sengen")
  • Chapter 104: The Answer (答 "Kotae")
  • Chapter 105: Impossible (無理 "Muri")
  • Chapter 106: Intent to Kill (殺意 "Satsui")
  • Chapter 107: Curtain (幕 "Maku")
  • Chapter 108: Finis (完 "Kan")


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