Finally, the Deciding Battle!

Finally, the Deciding Battle! is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 10/01/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc: Finally, the Deciding Battle! -

In the aftermath of the volleyball match between the Six Holy Knights and the Ishiyama High students, a mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past reappears to finally confront the man who humiliated him years ago! With the chance of expulsion due to fighting still in effect for the Ishiyama High students, Oga must deal with this potentially dangerous situation carefully or face expulsion! To make these difficult matters even more complicated, more punks from Teimo Tech show up to crash the party! Can Oga take care of this situation properly, or risk it all and face the consequences of his actions?

Episode Summary

Opening Theme

"Baby U!" by MBLAQ

Kiriya appears and grabs the microphone from the female announcer at the broadcast table. He insults Oga for playing volleyball with the Six Holy Knights when he should instead be fighting them. When Kaname asks Kiriya to go away, Kiriya brutally hits him with the microphone. Miki tries to intervene but Kaname stops him. Oga thrusts Beel in front of Kiriya's face, but Beel does not seem to like him. Kiriya tries to attack Oga, but Oga smacks him with Beel's legs, sending Kiriya crashing to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the maid cafe, the Teimo Shadow Group (led by Kotaro Mikagami) gets word that Kiriya has started his involvement and they leave the cafe. While Kiriya mentions that Ishiyama has lost the chance of staying in school, he asks the counselor, yet the counselor states that Teimo is also in trouble. As Kiriya beats Oga, Natsume restrains Aoi from intervening. Oga reassures Beel that he is not losing to a punk like him. After Kiriya gets his bat, Miki attacks him. Kiriya blocks in time, and Miki tells Kiriya to fight him due to the outcome of their meeting three years ago. Kiriya recognizes Miki and tells him about how he knows about him living in Nara. Miki thinks Oga was defending him in the end. Suddenly, Miki gets hit, and the Teimo's Shadow Group appears.

Miki charges at the Shadow Group, and Kosei and Takumi try to attack Miki, but Oga grabs the two men's bald head and smash it to the ground. Oga tells Miki that they can fight some other time and that he needs his help. Then Kaname remembers Miki asking him to become strong. Miki asks Oga to call him "Hisaya," but Oga rejects him. Oga calls Shadow Group, baldie, yet Kotaro states that he has a skinhead fashion, but his team states that they are bald instead. Kiriya tells them more about the Shadow Group and reminds them that his men will hurt the students if anyone would interfere with Oga and Miki's fight.

Kosei reveals his nun chuck after thinking Oga and Miki underestimate his team. Kotaro unleashes heat waves while Unsho charges at Oga. Oga sends Unsho flying with his special move, and Miki defeats Kosei by punching through his nun chunk. Kiriya thinks he still has the hostages, but to his shock, the Knights and the Ishiyama group has all the Teimo punk down for the count, having dealt with them while Kiriya was distracted. Suddenly, Oga grabs Kiriya and starts to transform in a demonic, fiery form. He sends Kiriya flying with his Zebul Blast that burns the area around him. Kaname recognizes the mark on Oga's arm, and after Oga tells Kiriya to go home, Kiriya runs in fear with the rest of Teimo punks following him. Furuichi thinks that Oga cannot get away with his secret, but Kaname claps and passes the incident as a special fighting event. Kaname cues to Shizuka who catches on and tells the crowd about the event. Kaname makes the crowd clap for Oga, and he warns Oga not to reveal his demonic powers.

Later, the Red tails group wait for Aoi, and Yuka thinks Aoi went to confess to Oga, but she jokes. She wonders about Oga who fights like a real demon and who's powers are shockingly powerful. On the rooftop, Oga tells Hilda and Alaindelon about Kaname knowing about his demon powers while Aoi is at the stairs, hesitating to go to the roof and ask Oga about it.

Closing Theme

"Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪" by Sasaki Nozomi

Points of Interest


When Kiriya hits Kaname with his microphone, the blow is not seen, but it is heard.

Shadow Group

  1. Kotaro Mikagami - A punk with a bald head, piercings, and wears rings on his hand.
  2. Unsho Onizuka - The only one with the beard and the monk's beaded necklace.
  3. Kosei Kuroki - The only punk who looks like a real monk/ Xiaolin fighter.
  4. Takumi Dezaki - The punk with glasses and two tattoos on his head.

Anime/Manga Differences

This episode covers chapters 73 (later parts of 73), 74, and 75 of volume 9.

Beelzebub (Kiriya)
Beelzebub (Kiriya)
  • The scene in which the female members of the Red Tails stand over the defeated Teimo Tech punks is different from what the manga portrays. In the manga, the girls are on the right side of the group and has Kazuya Yamamura standing in the middle of the humiliated Teimo Tech punks, shouting "I helped out too, bro!".
  • Kaname's Warning: In the manga version, Kaname warns Oga about his demon powers in a flashback scene in chapter 77. Whereas in the anime, Kaname warns Oga after the match.
  • The ending of the episode is different from chapter 75. The anime has added several scenes that are not in the chapter such as Oga telling Hilda about Kaname on the rooftop, Aoi hesitating in the stairs, and Yuka wondering about Oga's strange abilities.
  • Only in the manga version, blood is shed.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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