Square Enix Is a Tease: FFXIII Not Due Til 2010

Topic started by gia on Jan. 15, 2009. Last post by hazelnutman 6 years, 2 months ago.
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If all the recent Final Fantasy XIII news got you all hot and bothered (or maybe that was just me?), well, simmer down, my friends. Kotaku now reports that the earliest we'll get to see the oh-so-shiny game is April 2010-- in English, at least. The Japanese version is still due out sometime in 2009, and since the PS3 isn't region-encoded, that makes imports extremely viable...

...Except maybe for the importation costs. PS3 games are more expensive in Japan, not unlike the difference in DVD costs (although the disparity isn't quite as great): Fallout 3 retails for ¥7980, about $89 USD, and that's before shipping. I'd say anyone looking to import immediately after release will probably have to pay at least that much. Ouch.

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I'm surprised more effort wasn't put in to have the game translated and ready for release Stateside almost immediately after release.
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You got to be kidding me. Well no matter.... Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is still on my to-get lists.
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I'm not even surprised. Square Enix likes to do their little publicity marketing schemes but in the end, droves will buy this game anyway. In their prime, Squaresoft (well when it was that...) used to crank out games faster. As Final Fantasy games get released recently, they're processes are getting slower and slower. It's just like FFXII's hype and release. I'm not hyped over this game (I'm more hyped for Versus personally) but I'll play both regardless since I'm an FFFangirl (oh see what I did there? *insert durp face here*).

If this wasn't going to be multi-platformed, this probably would have been released sooner... but oh well. That's what I blame. That and the expectations to beat the previous FF, which isn't gonna be difficult anyway since it wasn't that great. But whatever *shrugs*
Post by hazelnutman (142 posts) See mini bio Level 2
Screw it, I'll import it on the Japanese launch and then get the N/A version when it comes out here.
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