Final Fantasy XIII Official Site Goes Live

Topic started by gia on Jan. 9, 2009. Last post by Lan 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
My brothers-in-arms at Giant Bomb report that Square Enix's official (Japanese) website for Final Fantasy XIII has just gone live-- and, as expected, it's soooooooo purdy! It heavily features regularly-appearing summons (Ifrit, Shiva) and a weird giant robot and airships. I reiterate that the game reminds me stylistically more of FFVIII than, say, FFXII, which isn't a bad thing in my mind. (Hey, VIII was far from my favorite Final Fantasy, but the world didn't look half bad.)

The site primarily features some music and shots from the game's surely copious CG sequences, some familiar (dinosaurs!) and some new (hellooooo ocean). Check it out!

Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
*gets blinded by the sparklies of the site* Look at those pictures fly~

I am not feeling the names of the characters... Snow really? *sigh*
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One of my only purposes in life right now is to play this game. I'm serious. I bought a PS3 for it because I kept having dreams of me desperately wanting this game but not being able to play it. As soon as I bought one, those dreams vanished.

I nearly cried - no I think I actually did shed a tear when I saw this and heard some of the soundtrack music. I'm actually going to hear it when I actually play it. It's getting closer and closer to me. That dream is getting more and more tangible. It's an amazingly unreal feeling.

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oh nice, did i just saw some in-game screenshots
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Hopefully, this game will make me happy to own an xbox
Post by Slinger (399 posts) See mini bio Level 7
Disco said:
"Hopefully, this game will make me happy to own an xbox"
ponders that

I wish I had a PS3...
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I don't have much confidence in this game. I'm a lot more eager to get my hands on Vs XIII. The most intriguing thing about this game is how they'll manage to compress a game that will likely come close to filling a Blu-Ray disc into something that a 360 can play...
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I'm going to love this game.
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OMG!! Fangirl Squee!!! I'm so uber excited about this game!
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