Final Fantasy: Unlimited Characters

Final Fantasy: Unlimited is an anime series in the Final Fantasy franchise
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Ai Hayakawa


A chocobo from Wonderland who becomes emotionally attached to Yu, after finding a chocobo feather. He joins the twins on their journey to search for their parents he also knows when the train arrives and is leaving.


Fabula is the story teller for Final Fantasy Unlimited. She so far has communicated with Ai Hayakawa on a few occasions and gave her PoshePocket after Ai's bag was stolen.


One of the four Lords of Gaudium, Herba is usually seen sitting beside Earl Tyrant and act as his personal attendee. She is considered Earl Tyrant's favorite.


One of the Main Characters Of Final Fantasy Unlimited. He wields a weapon called the Magun on his right arm, that when it thaws he is able to summon creatures with it.

Lisa Pacifist

One of the Main Characters of Final Fantasy Unlimited. She first meet Ai and Yu in the Subway, where she decides to help the twins search for their parents in Wonderland. She is able to manipulate spirits found in nature through the use of her Kigen Arts.

Lou Lupus

A young Werewolf who travels the Subway after her homeworld is destroyed by Omega. While riding to her next destination she met Ai, Yu, Lisa, and Kaze.


The consumer of worlds, made up of anti-matter.


One of Earl Tyrant's four Lords of Gaudium, Oscha acts as his personal adviser and overseer of Chaos' growth.

Yu Hayakawa

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