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Japan's falling birthrate forces the government to consider drastic steps, institutionalizing dating services to ensure that all healthy young men get the fertile woman they so richly deserve. Consequently, ordinary teen Ryo Mizuhara, who lives with his younger sister Akane and works in cousin Harumi's café, is surprised one day when the strangely pushy Shizuka barges into his apartment, complete with government bodyguard, and claims to be his fiancée. She is part of the pilot scheme to test the new policy, and Ryo is the lucky recipient. Before you can say Rizelmine, she has moved in with him and transfers to his school, although Ryo is suddenly also very popular among his school friends, and a harem of Tenchi Muyo! proportions soon ensues. Based on the so-called "original" creation from Princess Soft, and screened on TV Kanagawa as part of "Princess Hour," along with Double Wish, FA is hobbled by its origins: it is as leadenly predictable as a computer game, while any erotic potential is killed off by the need to keep it tame for television. Our anime crystal ball predicts that before long there will be an anime porn show about a fascist breeding program with none of Final Approach's attempt to play for laughs. The series' title in Japan used the Greek letter "phi" for its opening syllable, just to make things difficult for encyclopedists unsure where to file it.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 13
Episode #13
1 - 12
Episode #12
1 - 11
Episode #11
1 - 10
Episode #10
1 - 9
Episode #9
1 - 8
Episode #8
1 - 7
Episode #7
1 - 6
Episode #6
1 - 5
Episode #5
1 - 4
Episode #4
1 - 3
Episode #3
1 - 2
Episode #2
1 - 1
Episode #1

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Name Final Approach
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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