Filling up and Coming up Short

Filling up and Coming up Short is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 09/09/2012
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It's crunch time as the White Festival approaches and Wakana and the others continue to work hard on their musical. However, everyone is saddened as the Vice-Principal and the Principal reveal to the students and parents that the school will be shutting down and renovated into a high-class condominium complex. Thus, the White Festival is cancelled. Is this the end of the Choir Sometimes Badminton Club as we know it?

Plot Summary

Konatsu's story
Konatsu's story

Wakana is washing a cabbage and writing notes, and Keisuke sees Wakana humming a song she is creating. In some world, Konacchine (Konatsu) asks Wakanalia (Wakana) to help her free the sun god who is sealed in Amana Iward. Wakana yells at Konacchine who is exiled from the country, Musico. Sawania arrives to asks Wakanalia if she is taking back the Harp of the Muse. She reassures Wakanalia that they are here to support her. It turns out this is Konatsu's idea for the story, and Taichi complains about being a frog while Atsuhiro wants to be a prince. Konatsu asks Wakana about her progress, and she tells everyone that rehearsal is next week. Taichi reads the wall that contains the roles. Konatsu informs Taichi that he has to draw sets such as mountains and castles on the backdrop. Taichi refuses to draw because someone told him. Konatsu states that she is not expecting much while stating that everyone is new at her roles. While Atsuhiro chats with Konatsu, Sawa and Wakana take a picture of themselves.

In the bathroom, Wakana gives Sawa a CD that has her melody work in progress. She wants Sawa to not tell anyone. Sawa reassures her that if she's happy with the song, it's okay. She tells Wakana that she will give Konatsu some embarrassing moves, and Konatsu sneezes. Outside of school, Makoto goes over his sketches of the stairs and other infrastructure and taking notes of the measurements. He notices the safety officers. Over at Wakana's house that night, Wakana receives Sawa's message who is amazed at Wakana's melody. At Sawa's house, she moves to the melody, and she reads Wakana's message. She hurts her foot a bit. Meanwhile, Taichi is busy drawing the sets, Atsuhiro is making props, and Konatsu goes over the script.

Hamachi wants a photo of Sawa
Hamachi wants a photo of Sawa

Next day, Atsuhiro unveils miniature props for his club, and Taichi reveals his drawings. Konatsu and the others look at his sketches, and they are confused at his drawings. Konatsu tells Taichi to not draw again. In front of the art room, Taichi asks for the president of the art club. He asks the girl for a rough sketch, and the girl asks him if he knows how to paint on plywood. When Taichi mentions that Konatsu has low expectations, the art president tells him to do it himself. Taichi sighs outside, and he sees the principal doing the same thing. As the principal walks away, Hamachi comes out of the art room and states how he wants to be a manga artist. He asks Taichi if he wants him to do the job. Hamachi asks Taichi that he will do it on one condition: he wants a picture of Sawa. Hamachi states that Sawa has the looks, and he specifies that the picture should have a clear, visible shot of Sawa's chest.

Principal feels sad about the school's future
Principal feels sad about the school's future

Later, Taichi arrives to his clubroom where he sees Sawa dancing. He pulls out his cellphone, and before he could get a snapshot of Sawa, he pauses to look at Sawa who does a flip jump. He freaks out when he sees Sawa's panties. Sawa does not notice Taichi was there. Over at Wakana's home, she practices her piano. Meanwhile, Atsuhiro and Taichi work hard on their stuff. In a meeting somewhere, the principal is on edge when an older gentlemen looks at a miniature layout of the school for the Luxury Condominium Complete Construction Project. He asks the principal to get the consent form from the students and teachers to allow them to move on in their plans. The principal states that he has not informed them, and he is holding a assembly for the teachers. In the hallways, Konatsu asks Ueno to accompany them during the festival. Ueno's friend tells her that they are busy, and the vice principal has not told them anything. Ueno asks Konatsu what song they are singing, and Konatsu states that they are singing Wakana's composed song. When the short black haired girl states it is stupid, Konatsu yells back. The three girls note that the vice principal has been acting strange.

Wakana presents her finished song
Wakana presents her finished song

In the teachers' office, the principal begins the meeting, and the vice principal states she will not listen if it's about that "thing". Outside, Naoko sees Mahiru waving at her outside, and Naoko is startled by this illusion. In the choir room, Ueno and her friend tells everyone to settle down, and Naoko enters the room. Konatsu sneaks out, but Naoko tells them that the culture fair has been canceled. Meanwhile, Wakana practices her piano, and the principal informs his coworkers that they have to suspend the student applications. Due to the low birth rate, the school has difficulty in getting students in order to get funding. In a parents' assembly, he tells everyone that they are holding temporary classrooms for the students while they are doing construction. The students are sad that festival has been canceled. Konatsu finds Sawa still doing archery, and she asks her about studying for exams. Everyone except Wakana meet up. Then, Wakana arrives with a smile on her face, and she presents her finished song. She tells them that this is not over.

Points of Interest

  • Medieval names: Wakanalia (Wakana), Konatsu (Konacchine), Sawania (Sawa), and both Taichi and Wien are both frogs.
  • Sneezing myth: In anime, if someone talks about you, the person sneezes. Konatsu sneezes when Sawa talks about giving Konatsu's embarrassing moves.
  • Note: Ueno is the browned hair girl who is friend with the black haired girl.


  • Japanese Name: "Michitari Kaketari" (満ちたり 欠けたり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

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Masakazu Hashimoto Director
Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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