Prepare Now...for WonFes!

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For those not familiar, this weekend is Japan's Wonder Festival, also known as WonFes, a giant convention of nothing but figures. It's always a bittersweet time for me: since the  show is mostly about selling garage kits, we see tons of gorgeous figures presented beautifully, and are stuck knowing that even if we managed to import one, we'd have to put it together and paint it ourselves. So sad. But sometimes one of these figures will get mass-produced...

Anyway, the show is only one day, from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, so it'll be starting up in eight hours. But that doesn't mean a few figures haven't popped up-- here's a figma version of Ui Hirasawa, K-On! star Yui Hirasawa's younger sister.

 But quite a few more people are blowing their load over these Nendoroid Ritsu and Mio figures, particularly the gothic loli Mio.

 And FREEing has what appears to be a remake of their 1/4 scale Lucky Star girls, but now with real clothing schoolgirl outfits-- AND miko outfits. I don't normally get too into the real clothing figures but these look really cool. 

 And that's just a tiiiiny hint of what we'll probably see, so check back in for a LOT more later! 
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Stupid K-On, that Mio is way too adorable.
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@lanaswift said:
"Stupid K-On, that Mio is way too adorable. "

I know!!! n_n
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Neat, a little window shopping is always fun.
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