My First Figurine

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 I hate being cold. I also hate being hot, dry, wet, clammy and that kind of wet that doesn’t get you wet enough to change clothes but you know you’re wet. In fact you could say I hate all types of weather. So waking up this morning to find that it had snowed was terrible for me. To make matters oh so worse I also have a God damned cold. But rejoice today is a milestone in my trek into this Otakudom, my first piece of Anime/Manga related merchandise arrived. But first let me vent a little on how fucking stupid it is that I had to pay around £20 in clearing charges for a package that with shipping only cost me around £20 in the first place. This was all because I had to pay £4 in VAT and Import Duty. Fuck you Parcelforce. Fuck you!
 Some day I will have my box.
 Some day I will have my box.
Okay figurine time. I opened the shipping box that quickly got commandeered by my cat called rightly cat. Inside I found a green box with a whole bunch of Japanese Characters on it so damned be if I’m ever going to find out if the thing will try to kill my first-born. But what is it you cry with rabid anticipation? It is a Nendoroid Azusa Nakano or for those who have no clue what that means. It is a Super Deformed version of Azusa Nakano from K-ON! with mini guitar, amp and cat extras!!!! I won’t lie I bought it at a time where my super manly exterior faltered a little. But God damn it's adorable.The thing came in the Cat position so I decided to work out the base which was a bastard to put together for some reason but I did it. After that momentous victory, I place the thing into the super creepy exploded form. AKA I took it apart to see how it works, you know like the Tested videos where they take an iPad apart, but with less electronics and more limbs and faces. So to finish up the whole thing I made the guitar put it on the figurine, fixed her back up and placed her on my bookshelf next to a spool of thread and the Brotherhood of Steel figurine where it will most likely stay until my cat decides to eat it or I decide to change its face (okay that's still creepy to say).

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Good choice!

Nendoroid is one of the few things I would like a complete collection of.
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