MoxieMinis: The "Little Anime Friends"

Topic started by gia on Feb. 22, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 1 month ago.
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So, I had never heard of these Moxie Girlz creatures before today, but apparently they're the latest Bratz dolls: they're callled Moxie Girlz, and ther tag line is "be true * be you." Sounds good, right? I mean, having moxie is way better than being bratty. Right?

If you're wondering why I bring it up: the latest commercial for the Moxie Girlz mentions how the dolls come with their own "little anime friends," known as Moxieminis. The MoxieMinis look sort of like the old Playskool people, except that the heads are sassy little vaguely-kawaii!-inspired dolls.
Apparently "anime" is a big enough keyword with young girls that marketers think it'll help sell these dolls, which is kind of neat, I suppose. What do you think? Might one of these things help indoctrinate your younger sisters/cousins/nieces into the ways of anime?

Tip o'the hat to Kuriousity for tweeting about it.
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Now I want a cute little anime friend too!
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@RockmanBionics: You can design your own for only $12.99! =P
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Oh, BRATZ, or as I always referred to them as "Whore Barbies". I was with my mother once when we were looking for birthday gifts for the birthday of my cousin's daughter. I was talking to a lady who's grand daughter had gotten one of the Baby BRATZ as a gift once. She said that the Baby version was wearing a thong.
These Moxie brands do seem to pull back on the whole street walker appearance of the first generation. Though, watch their little "anime friends" come with tentacles inside.
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I despise advertising for "girl toys." Blech.
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Well I can say anecdotally I know more female friends than male friends that like anime.

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@Konanda said:

Well I can say anecdotally I know more female friends than male friends that like anime.

That's probably not too uncommon, since Anime/Manga is a pretty diverse fandom and not quite so gender specific. I like that we are the type of fandom that doesn't devolve into " gi... girlllll" every time a female appears, the same way its associated with, say, video games.
Though, its stuff like this that reminds me how glad I am that my genitals are male, and thus my parents wouldn't have thought to buy me such cheap, pandering objects as a kid.
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