Meet the Strike Wi-- Err, Battle Masters

Topic started by gia on April 16, 2010. Last post by SimonJones 4 years, 11 months ago.
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When something is popular, imitation is surely there to follow. But perhaps since the $80 Strike Witches Xbox 360 game looks awful, a bit of imitation wouldn't be too bad? Konami is getting ready to release a PSP game called Busou Shinki Battle Masters (based loosely on their Busou Shinki figures line), which features young women fused with mech weapons...and wearing vaguely mech leotards, no pants, and big leg jets or something. Oh, and they have mech headpieces that kiiinda look like cat ear replacements. Not bad, right?

Actually I will say the mechs look pretty cool. Not that I'm especially familiar with the ones in Strike Witches, or with mechs in general, really, but I dig the designs a bit more here than in Magical Loli Flying Catgirls, even if these figures aren't amazing. I always love a girl with gradient hair, and I dig the extra mech arms the blue-haired girl has.

I don't really know anything about the game, really, but at  ¥5800 (about $62), it sounds like a better deal than Strike Witches...although it doesn't include the figures. What say you? Might you be content with a pseudo-Strike Witch?     
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I say it is an upgrade from Strike witches. Still the Strike witches figures are really good just not the games.
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The figures at least are hardly imitations... many of the Busou Shinki characters were designed by Shimada Fumikane, the same man behind Strike Witches.  The first figures came out in 2006.   The MMS body system has also been used for Skygirls (again, Shimada), and a few limited-release anime chara.
I think I've collectively blown $2000 on these things.  They are the best dol...err action figures in their price range.
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 This is NOT an upgrade from Strike witches.

A main track regarding BusouShinki is a following:
1. Meka Musume (Machined girls)
 a. Figure
2. BusouShinki / MMS
 a. Figure
  - Regular series
  - Light amour series
  - Anime character (Sky girls, etc.)
 b. Game
  - Diorama Studio (Windows)
  - Battle Rondo (Windows)
  - Battle Masters (PSP)
 c. Manga
3. Strike Witches
 a. Manga
 b. Novel
 c. Anime
 d. Game

I recommend you to check out Battle Rondo, Diorama Studio, and Radio Rondo if you are interested in BusouShiki.
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wait didn't busou shinki have a game before?
and didn't they come first?
Post by SimonJones (24 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Yes, Busou Shinki came first.  It already has an online game.  And the first figures originally shipped with software and codes that allowed you to virtually mix and match the accessories (most of the parts for the figures are interchangeable).
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