And Some Figures, Too: K-On!, C.C. Lookalike, Etc

Topic started by gia on Dec. 23, 2009. Last post by Matte 5 years, 3 months ago.
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Okay, it's probably totally unfair to refer to Masou Shizuka as a "C.C. Lookalike" considering that the game Rance VI, from whence she came, came out in 2004, two years before Code Geass hit the air waves in Japan. But I can't help it: at first glance her long green hair, slightly outrageous outfit, and intelligent world-weary eyes made me think of the Geass witch. Nonetheless, this is in fact Shizuka, and she looks great. Due out from Alter in May for ¥6800 (about $75 USD), you could stare at her butt and PRETEND she's C.C. if you wanted. Or not. Y'know. Whatever.

Moving on, I promised you some K-On!, didn't I? Both Ritsu and Nyanka-- err, Nakano Azusa are available in their swim gear, and unsurprisingly, the Azusa one has had a lot more care taken of it, I suspect. While Ritsu looks just okay, Azusa somehow seems a touch nicer, and it doesn't hurt that she comes in two versions-- normal and tan/be-cat-eared.

I've had word of another Shunya Yamashita Marvel figure, this time Psylocke. I have to confess that while from a distance she looks great, a close-up on her face kinda makes me wince. Her lips look weird and frankly, something just doesn't look right about the eyes-- I think the bottom lid is a bit too heavy for the otherwise light-touch of the face. It definitely doesn't have the life and intelligence of the face Yamashita actually drew. So Psylocke makes me go "meh;" I'd rather have the Scarlet Witch one.

Last but not least, Tomopop spotted a new Saber figure. You guys know that I'm not a huge Fate/Stay Night fan, but some of the figures from it are stupendous. I'm particularly impressed by this one because, well, Saber doesn't have a very attractive facial expression (in the traditional sense)...and that fact actually makes the figure more attractive to me. It's unusual, it's different. Would buy. Depending on the price. <3
Your turn! What are you gonna pick up? Any other recent figures I haven't posted about that you're thinking of buying? Disagree with my thoughts on these? Update me!
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Exact recreation of my reaction upon reading through this:
" Masou Shizuka - hmmm... wait a second, didn't Rance VI come out before Code Ge-...oh wait, n/m.... I think I prefer non-sunburned Azusa the most.... meh, weird blue lady in skin-tight clothing typical of American superhero comics...
 A Saber figure I haven't seen before?! This is awesome!! And a GSC one no less! It's beautiful!"
Yeah, that's pretty much it. :D
EDIT: Sadly, I probably won't buy it though seeing as it's in one of the singly most unstable poses I've ever seen a figure in... this thing is ASKING to warp over time from gravity.
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@HeeroYuy: That's why god invented museum putty!
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@gia: I'd rather have that Scarlet Witch figure too. Still, that Psylocke is still better than most of the anime-themed DC girl figures.
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I've sometimes thought about buying figures, but they seem so expensive.
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@Niko: The Ame-Comi? Yeah, some of those look okay, but otherwise...
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I totally want that witch one! Or little brown girl.
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@InfiniteGeass said:
" I've sometimes thought about buying figures, but they seem so expensive. "
The hard part is justifying to yourself it's worth it.  I just can't yet, but I'm sure one day I'll find that figure.  That one figure that will change my world and then I will happily purchase it!
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@InfiniteGeass: Yeah, I'm seconding @Matte.
Figures are nice to have, but their prices are kind of ridiculous, especially when you're talking about something newish. I honestly don't buy anywhere near as many as I say I'm interested for exactly that reason. I DO like having a few around, though, and every once in a while I even see one that I could imagine putting on display in my living room (read: non-anime area)...but those are always WAY too expensive! ;)
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The true winner here is Tanned Azuse :D
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I've had BOTH versions of Azunyan preordered for a few days now. ^^;; & FYI, the untanned version comes with nekomimi modo as well.

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@gia:  I very nearly got those nendroids of the Bakemonogatari love triangle.  Those were pretty affordable and not too crazy, but I just couldn't pull the trigger.  *sigh*
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