Figurehead Princess

Figurehead Princess is an anime episode of The Qwaser of Stigmata that was released on 05/23/2010

Plot Summary

While the evil blond man schemes, Sasha and Mafuyu pore over records to find Tomo's location, Father Yuri makes his own search but turns up empty, and Hana and Katja are still having their nightly BDSM game.

One day in class, Miyuri decides to throw a giant birthday party for Katja and invites everyone to come, including Mafuyu and Sasha. On the same day, Sasha storms into the nurse's office after receiving a message from her, and after sucking her breasts reveals that she was a good friend of both Mr. Ootori and Yamanobe Yuudai, Tomo's father. While she doesn't know Tomo's current location, she does seem to know what Yuudai was looking for.

Katja's birthday comes and Miyuri throws a huge party for her at her mansion, but it gets crashed when a tentacle-raping beast jumps into the scene and starts eating all the food. The monster then proceeds to suck Miyuri's breasts, and the various main characters note the monster bears a resemblance to Elizabeth, which is confirmed when the same monster brings out a sword made of titanium.

Katja tries to fight back, but her copper puppet is crushed into pieces by the monster's tentacles. Before she can take any more of Hana's soma, the two of them are smacked into a wall. Suddenly, Sasha appears on the scene and knocks the monster out non-lethally at Mafuyu's wishes. The monster shrinks and turns back into the regular form of Lizzy from before. Sasha reveals that he only came for the promise of "authentic borscht," which got spilled on the ground during the attack.

Later, as Katja angrily leaves the scene, she is offered a position with the Adepts by the blonde man posing as their teacher for a few episodes, known now as Friedrich Tanner. Hana tries to cheer Katja up at their apartment, but Katja disappears the next day.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shigeru Ueda Episode Director Shigeru Ueda is a japanese anime director.
Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Original Concept The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Masamitsu Hidaka Storyboard


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