Fighting type (Pokémon) Characters

Fighting type (Pokémon) is a anime/manga concept
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Ash's Infernape

Infernape originally belonged to Paul when it was a Chimhcar but released it after proving to be to weak. Ash offered him the choice of joining him on his journey. While under Ash's care it evolved into Monferno and finally Infernape.

Ash's Pignite

The Third Pokemon Ash caught while in the Isshu Region.

Ash's Primeape

The Primeape caught by Ash Ketchum, he only had this Pokemon briefly before giving it to another trainer he thought would be better suited to train it. It liked to steal Ash's hat. First seen as a Mankey. It was his 9th Pokemon.


A member of the Kanto Elite Four who specializes in Fighting type Pokemon.


Chuck is the leader of the Cinawood City Pokemon Gym he uses Fighting Type Pokemon.

May's Blaziken

May's starter Pokémon, given to her as a Torchic by Professor Birch.


The Gym Leader of Veilstone City who specializes in training fighting type Pokemon.


A Meloetta that started following Ash on his journey in the Unova (Isshu) after he saved it.

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