Fighting Power: One Million?

Fighting Power: One Million? is an anime episode of Dragon Ball Z that was released on 02/20/1991


  • Japanese Name: A Nightmare Super-Transformation!! Freeze's Battle Power of One Million "Akumu no Chōhenshin!! Sentōryoku Hyakuman no Furīza" (悪夢の超変身!!戦闘力100万のフリーザ)
  • Opening Theme: "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" (チャラ・ヘッチャラ Chara Hetchara) by Hironobu Kageyama
  • Ending Theme: "Detekoi Tobikiri Zenkai Pawā!", performed by Manna
  • US Release Date: September 24, 1999
  • Saga: Frieza Saga
  • Episode: 78


Flashback of Frieza and King Vegeta
Flashback of Frieza and King Vegeta

Frieza teared up his armor with an intense lighting effect as a beginning of the transformation (Gohan, Krillin and Dende were watching carefully). After tearing up the armor he stopped cause he couldn't figure it out why is Vegeta asking him to transform. At past Vegeta was obeyed every commands of Frieza and he was like an henchmen of him. Vegeta was staying in Frieza's planet and followed his every order even Frieza assigned Vegeta to different missions to conquer planets, but why Vegeta is doing this now against Frieza.........Vegeta replied that he was just waited for this moment, at that time he wasn't strong enough to challenge Frieza, now he became the strongest one and wants to destroy Frieza once and for all. Frieza nods his head and told the story of Vegeta's father which may Vegeta can't remember............about 20 years ago Frieza ordered King Vegeta (Vegeta's father and the king of planet Vegeta) to conquer a planet but it didn't accomplished within the right time. The king was in his palace to solve the assignment that was failed, Frieza came at that moment and asked King Vegeta about his son (Prince Vegeta) because they had an agreement that Frieza can have prince Vegeta whenever he wants but King Vegeta wasn't ready to give his son at that time. Frieza was gone and warned him again about the agreement. For that King Vegeta and other Saiyans weren't happy on Frieza, they obeyed every commands of Frieza as slaves cause Frieza was dominated some planetary systems and Planet Vegeta was one of them. He used them to complete his dirty works like conquering

Frieza transforming
Frieza transforming

planets and destroying civilizations.....etc. So a revolt created into the minds of the Saiyans but they couldn't do anything against Frieza because if anyone do, he will be destroyed for sure and moreover Frieza had no equal in power. They were just keep obeying the orders of Frieza silently. At last the day of revenge arrived, King Vegeta prepared all of his saiyans and attacked Frieza's ship. He went to Frieza's ship to took his son prince Vegeta cause at that time his son was already taken by Frieza as the agreement. He met Frieza inside the ship and Frieza destroyed King Vegeta and his men by a simple blink of his eyes. Other saiyans were waiting outside for the good news from King in the space just right above the gravity field of the planet. But as King Vegeta was dead, Frieza came outside from his ship on his hoover chair and created a giant energy ball by his finger and blew up the entire planet Vegeta. All the Saiyans were destroyed immediately by the explosion of the planet and Frieza enjoyed so much the fireworks of the elimination. Then he told that just at that time Vegeta (prince Vegeta) was on his ship with Nappa and Raditz like a prince. Frieza allowed them to stay in his ship, since then Vegeta became a henchmen of Frieza and was obeyed Frieza's command and now 20 years later Vegeta forgot that he has grown up in Frieza's palace. Frieza quietly told that Vegeta is just like his father King

Frieza transformed into his 2nd form
Frieza transformed into his 2nd form

Vegeta for that kind of behavior against Frieza and ultimately he won't survive like his father (Gohan, Krillin and Dende listened very carefully and astonished by the story). Vegeta again didn't care about the story, moreover he insulted Frieza that he was destroyed the saiyans cause he was scared of the saiayns and also threatened Frieza that he have done a mistake by keeping alive Vegeta and now he became the strongest, Frieza destroyed all the saiyans but he missed the strongest one "Vegeta"....... Frieza became angry for Vegeta's speeches and begun his horrible transformation. His whole body begun to changing and expanding.......the huge land begun to shaking like an earthquake, the waves of the oceans became larger and larger and sunk many islands, red electrify was glowing over his body, his feet and hand turned into a giant shape and gradually the whole body begun to turning into a big creature......... Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Dende were shaking with fear by the horrible visions of the unbelievable transformation. After a few minutes the transformation finished and everyone amazed seeing the new shape and looking of Frieza.......Bigger in size (normally he was about 5 feet - after transformation about 10 feet), huge muscles and body, big horns like a buffalo, large and a long powerful tail......a perfect fighting monster. Vegeta was still trembling with fear, he had nothing to explain about it, he was heavily shocked seeing the horrible creature. Frieza then told that in this transformation state his fighting power is more than a million (1000000=1 million). Piccolo was still in his way and sensed like there was ten Frieza, that means the transformation increased Frieza's power ten fold. Goku sensed that too in the recovery tank but he was still healing and will need more time to heal. Vegeta didn't believe that Frieza's power has been grown over 1 million now. So Frieza raised his one hand and released a portion of his energy, as a result the entire island blew up completely under water and the ocean's wave lifted apart to a few hundred miles away by a powerful storm. Thousands of miles bloomed with the intense light and heavy winds for the storm that even almost blew away Piccolo who was about few hundred miles away from the impact zone. It all happened about within 1-2 minutes. After that the whole landscape scenery was changed, there was no ground cause all of them were destroyed and sunk under water. Gohan and Vegeta managed to avoid that powerful storm, Krillin managed also and was keeping Dende with him. Frieza was standing in a small piece of land on which he was standing before the attack, only that portion remained unharmed and the other portions of the island were destroyed. Vegeta and others were floated above him and waited what will be next cause they had nothing to do but watch, Frieza is just too much for them. Frieza

Krillin attacked by Frieza
Krillin attacked by Frieza

begun to thinking which one will be his first victim..........Gohan / Krillin / Vegeta (All of them were scaring and shaking with fear). Suddenly Frieza flied up with super speed and headed to Krllin, Krillin dodged away Dende from him by seeing that. Everyone looked at Krillin and saw a horrible scene- Frieza's horn teared apart Krillin's chest from one side to another, no one couldn't felt the attack was coming and now everyone seeing that Krillin is hanging on Frieza's horn, blood is dropping from Krillin's chest. Gohan shocked by seeing the terrific condition of him and it seems like the end of krillin...............!!!!!!

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