Fight to the Finish/Girl Power! The End of Jadeite

Fight to the Finish/Girl Power! The End of Jadeite is an anime episode of Sailor Moon that was released on 06/06/1992

This episode begins with Jadeite on trial in front of Queen Beryl. She acknowledges that he has collected a lot of energy on earth, but she also notes his many failures. Jadeite has wasted several monsters, allowed more Sailor Warriors to appear, and has yet to defeat any of them. Queen Beryl gives Jadeite an ultimatum - defeat the Sailor Warriors immediately, or be sentenced to "eternal sleep," falling to the bottom of darkness never to return.

At Usagi's house, she watches constellations from her window and sees an "arcade guy" (Motoki) constellation and a Tuxedo Mask constellation. Usagi claims to be in love with both of them, but Luna tells her that it's one-sided anyway. Usagi dreams that Motoki is actually Tuxedo Mask and that he tells her he loves her. In real life, Jadeite interrupts her daydreaming and projects a large image of himself in the sky. He challenges Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to meet him tomorrow night at Haneda Airport at runway F. If they don't show, he will burn Tokyo to the ground (He presents an illusion of flames engulfing the city). Usagi goes out to meet with Rei and Ami and discuss what their next course of action will be. Rei suggests that they accept the challenge, while Ami says that they should think about it carefully since it could be a trap. When Usagi is asked her opinion, she says they shouldn't go because it's too scary. The next morning, Usagi's parents are watching the news and the reporter says that the metropolitan police believe the image in the sky last night to be a "vicious prank." However, police will be stationed at the airport due to the threat to burn Tokyo to the ground. At school, some of the students say they should go to Haneda Airport and see what will happen. Ms. Haruna comes into the classroom and yells at them, saying that junior high students shouldn't be out so late at night. For once, Usagi sounds very serious and agrees with her, telling everyone that it's dangerous and they should be at home studying if they have time to do things like that. Ms. Haruna is shocked at Usagi's reaction and checks if she has a fever or has anything she needs to talk about. Usagi gets upset and cries.

After school, Usagi goes to the arcade and tells Motoki about what Ms. Haruna said. Motoki says he agrees with her teacher but that's part of Usagi's charm - he likes girls with unique personalities. Usagi is happy and skips away, losing a shoe in the process. The shoe happens to land on Mamoru's head as he is randomly walking down the street (again!) Usagi tells him it's his fault for not watching where he is going, and he says she is "so not cute" and that she should talk more properly like a normal girl. Usagi says it doesn't matter because someone just told her he likes her personality, but Mamoru insists that guys like that are just losers. They go back and forth and he ends up saying that Motoki must be a loser and suits her. Usagi starts crying loudly, and bystanders comment that Mamoru made a girl cry and watching him. He claims he has urgent business to attend to, gives her shoe back an runs away.

That night, Jadeite waits at Haneda Airport while the police patrol. He puts out a white mist and says he has no use for them, making them fall asleep. Luna, Rei, Ami and Usagi take a train to the airport, which appears to be unmanned but opens up for them anyway as if the enemy is inviting them in. When they arrive, they see Japanese police officers all over the place. Rei suddenly senses "the will to kill" and they turn around to see possessed police officers about to attack them. Rei fights one of them off and the girls run from them. While running, Ami turns around and realizes that there is something wrong with them, and transforms. Rei follows suit and transforms too, leaving the last transformation for Usagi. Ready to fight, the Sailor Warriors stand against the crowd following them. Ami uses her supercomputer to analyze the police officers and realizes they aren't real - they are made of clay. Rei uses her Fire Soul to incinerate all of them. Once they are gone, Jadeite calls out to them and says that he knows who they are now because he saw them transform. Sailor Moon makes a comment about how she is going to die young and beautiful, and she and Sailor Mars start arguing about which one of them is prettier. Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon that a monkey at the zoo is prettier than she is and Usagi starts crying again. Luckily, Sailor Mercury intervenes and says they shouldn't be fighting amongst themselves.

Jadeite uses his powers on an airplane and it starts chasing the Sailor Warriors down the runway along with another jet. Sailor Mars intends to use Fire Soul to get rid of the planes, but Luna yells that they can't destroy them because jets are too expensive - all of their allowances put together for the rest of their lives wouldn't even buy one. Left no other choice, the Sailor Warriors start running but realize the runway is about to end. Cue Tuxedo Mask, who interferes with his red rose, which can apparently stop airplanes. He tells Jadeite that he will not get away with toying with innocent people and stands off against him. Tuxedo Mask and Jadeite fall into the water nearby, but only Jadeite and a red rose emerge. Jadeite tells the Sailor Warriors that Tuxedo Mask is dead and laughs, saying they cannot do anything without the help of a man. Sailor Mars says that only old men think that men are better than women these days, and Sailor Mercury says that scorning women is positively feudalistic. Sailor Moon raises a fist in the air and says "Down with sexual discrimination!" They put their hand together and vow to defeat "Jadeite, the arrogant man". Jadeite sends another airplane at them and they begin running again, but Luna tells them to defeat the man controlling the airplane instead. Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon to keep running as a decoy, while Sailor Mercury uses her Bubble Spray to create a fog. Sailor Mars puts a cleansing tag on Jadeite's back, and the planes start chasing him instead. The Sailor Warriors have finally made Jadeite fall into his own trap, and Sailor Moon uses the opportunity to use Moon Tiara Action against Jadeite. He dodges the attack but gets run over by a plane. Wounded, he appears in front of Queen Beryl and tries to bargain with her, saying that he knows the identities of the Sailor Warriors. Tired of the excuses, Queen Beryl sends him to eternal sleep and transports him to another dimension while her other minions watch. Another enemy, Nefrite, appears and says that Jadeite was a fool. He apparently intends to take his place from now on.

The Sailor Warriors look out on the water and Sailor Moon cries that Tuxedo Mask is gone. He appears behind them suddenly and says that he wouldn't die that easily. They ask him about his identity and why he always comes to their rescue, but he tell them he can't reveal his secrets to them yet and flies off in the moonlight.

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