D.Gray-man #11 - Fight to the Debt!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 05/02/2007

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Ruuju no Butai (ルージュの舞台)

Viz Edition Release Date: November 4, 2008

With Allen Walker once more in their ranks, the Exorcists soldier into the fabled Ark of Noah. In almost no time they encounter opposition in the form of two young Noah possessing startling powers. The Noah, however, seem less interested in the grand plans of the Millennium Earl than in collecting payment on yet another mountain of debt accrued by Allen's master, General Cross Marian. Can the Exorcists find the literal key out of this potentially lethal predicament?

Chapter 98: "Twin's Room" (ツインズ・ルーム "Tsuinzu Ruumu")

After mourning the death of their family member Skin Boric, Tyki and Road meet up with twins Jasdero and Devit who explain to them that they failed in their mission to seek Cross Marian. Tyki tells them about Marians pupil Allen Walker. The twins agree that they will destroy Allen in Cross Marians place. Meanwhile, Allen and co. continue on their journey through Noahs Ark when it starts to crumble they agree they need to hurry onward and fast. When the floor starts crumbling underneath them, Arystar helps out by grabbing Lenalee, Allen, Chaoji and Lavi. When they get to the end of the hallway they encounter a door and behind this door lies a massive library like room where they then meet Jasdero and Devit who introduce themselves as the "Bond" of Noah, unleashing a variety of different attacks at Allen because he is Cross Marians disciple. Allen realizes that the bullets from the twins' pistols aren't normal but instead are bullets with different elemental like abilities such as a "Freeze Bomb" which can instantly freeze an enemy upon impact. Allen tells his friends to be careful.

Chapter 99: "Debt Crisis" (借金クライシス "Shakkin Kuraishisu")

With the Twins' attacks still focused on Allen, they use another attack from their pistols known as the "Red Bomb" which is a large fire ball that incinerates everything in it's path. Lavi gets fed up of the Twins' silly games and helps Allen out by hitting the fire ball right back at them. However this proves to be a useless attempt at victory for the Twins use the "White Bomb", causing the Fireball to vanish into thin air. The Millennium Earls umbrella "Lero" demands to know why the Twins are not hunting down Cross as they were originally order to. The Twins automatically become enraged to the point that they threaten to kill Lero, causing the umbrella to shy away. Allen wonders where his master may be. The Twins tell Allen that while on their search for Cross they were left with all of his debts. Allen says that the debts he left with the two of them aren't nearly as much as those in which Allen was left to pay. When Allen goes to attack the Twins again he is hit by the "Purple Bomb" a technique that blinds Allen along with his friends with "Trick Glasses", purple goo that makes reality seem like an illusion. When the team discovers that they have lost the key, they also discover that the entire room is now filled with illusionary keys and they must find the correct one before it's too late.

Chapter 100: "Lost the Key?!"

Allen feels really bad for losing the key that was their only hope of escaping the room in which they were trapped in with Twins Jasdero and Devit. The Twins give them no time to make their next move for they fire another Red Bomb but with the Trick Glasses on, Allen and co. see eight fireballs instead of only one. Chaoji protects Lenalee by taking the hit for her, resulting in a very bad burn wound. Allen has had enough playing around and calls them out immediately. The Twins fire the "Green Bomb", a huge mound of sludge that lands directly ontop of Allen, trapping him inside. Lavi gets him out by using his Fire Stamp technique, slightly injuring Allen in the process. Lavi then tells the exorcists that with his keen knowledge of Bookman lore, he is trained to find things with ease. When Allen gets trapped by the ice attack from the Blue Bomb, Arystar shatters it and tells him that he was able to catch the one of the Twins lock of hair. Once he picks up their exact location, he informs Allen and Allen catches them both, smashing them into a wall full of books.

Chapter 101: "Jasdero and Debit" (ジャスデロとデビット "Jasudero to Debitto")

When Lavi creates a tornado to gather up all of the fake keys in an attempt to find the real one, Jasdero and Devit succeed in escaping from Allens grasp with the help of "Black Bomb" an ability that allows them to turn into sludge dopplegangers. They then take Lenalee hostage by pointing a pistol at her head. This of course angers Allen who has escaped from the sludge mess he was trapped in. The Twins use another bullet attack on Allen to create a replica of the Millennium Earl himself with alot of similar abilities as the real thing leaving Allen to engage in battle with a replica of his greatest nemesis.

Chapter 102: "Bad Game"

Lenalee has been trapped in the Twins "Green Bomb" technique while she fights desperately to escape, Jasdero and Devit tell her that it's useless. Lenalee gets so angry at the Twins' childish foolishness that she manages to land a punch on Devit. When Allen continues his fight with the replica Earl, it appears as if Lavi has now found the real key within all of the fakes for it appears to shine brightly amongst them. This also removes the effect of the Tricky Glasses and Allen as well as Arystar are finally able to see Jasdero and Devit, giving them a nice swift punch which sends them flying. When the exorcists think that victory is imminent, the twins' arms rise from a mound of books telling them that they're really going to kill all of them here and now.

Chapter 103: "An Unruly Child"

Chanting an eerie tune, the room starts to spin as Jasdero and Devit begin to merge into their true form. The real bond of Noah "Jasdevi". Jasdevi's strength is doubled, if not tripled compared to that of when Jasdero and Devit alone. Their first target is Arystar; using a shadow like attack to send the exorcist flying into a wall of books as well as knocking him unconcious. He turns to face Allen and the rest of the exorcists saying that they will turn Allen into a bomb and destroy the door so that none of them can escape. Arystar, now concious once again intervenes.

Chapter 104: "Believing Is Our Strength" (信じるという僕らの強さ "Shinjiru to iu Bokura no Tsuyosa")

Even though he is injured quite badly, Arystar continues to fight Jasdevi along with help from Lavi and Allen. None of their attacks seem to have any effect and Jasdevi handles them all easily. When Arystar appears and grabs Jasdevi from behind he keeps him in a hold and tells Allen and co. to go through the door and escape. Reluctant as they may be, Arystar screams at them and tells them that he cannot hold Jasdevi for much longer and that they must escape immediately. Allen decides that is what they must do and wishes Arystar the best in his fight against Jasdevi and tells him to stay alive. When Jasdevi realizes that they have escaped he goes after them but Arystar says he's not ready to let him go just yet after consuming some more akuma blood.

Chapter 105: "The Rouge Stage" (ルージュの舞台 "Ruuju no Butai")

On their way through the doorway leading into the next area of the ark, Lenalee begins to cry because she feels upset that they left Arystar behind. Allen tells her that everything will be all right and that Arystar will join them when this is all over. Meanwhile, Arystar has once again engaged in battle with Jasdevi for one last time. Jasdevi wonders what it was Arystar just drank and tastes for himself, leaving a rather bad impression. The two start fighting again but Arystar still can't land any of his attacks on Jasdevi. The Noah starts calling Arystar nothing but a freak and that's all he will ever be. When Jasdevi uses a giant star like attack to smash Arystar until he's "flat", Arystar remarks how he will only allow a certain woman to call him a vampire and no one else. Finally finding a vantage point of attack, Arystar strikes Jasdevi from behind. The Noah wonders how this is possible and Arystar shows him that his claws are now ruby red and that his true innocence has been activated.

Chapter 106: "Crimson Shake"

With Arystars abilities now alot more powerful, he is able to land a few hits on Jasdevi but Jasdevi still has the upper hand, using a technique that binds the exorcist in a bundle of hair. Arystar gets out of this rather easily but realizes that the akuma blood he drank not too long ago has a very temporary effect and that it's beginning to run out rather quickly. He comes to a conclusion that too much akuma blood with cause a virus in his body and will eventually kill him in the end. He decides that he must finish the fight quickly. While exchanging attack after attack Arystar decides that he must use the last of the akuma blood as a last resort in order to finish Jasdevi off. However, Jasdevi ends up getting to the flask first and consuming it before Arystar even has a chance to leaving the exorcist to be powerless and utterly defeated.

Chapter 107: "What Flows Out of the Coffin..." (棺に伝うは... "Hitsugi ni Tsutau wa...")

Now that Jasdevi has drank the last of the akuma blood Arystar had, the tables have once again turned in the Noahs favor. Jasdevi tells him that even though Arystar doesn't "need a coffin", he thought up one in his mind which becomes reality. After tossing Arystar into the coffin of spikes, it closes and no matter how hard Arystar struggles to escape, his efforts are in vain and he is trapped leaving Jasdevi walking away uttering how much of a freak Arystar was.


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