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Female Titan is a anime/manga concept
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Female Titan is Annie Leonhardt's Titan form.



One month after Eren successfully plugged up the hole the Armored Titan had made in the Wall Rose, the Survey Corp lead by Erwin Smith had departed Karanes to find a route to Zhiganshina. Once outside the walls a specific squad lead by a man named Ness and his team had encountered an Aberrant class Titan. After sending flares Ness and Sys make a coordinated attack and brought the Aberrant titan down. Moments after its defeat yet another titan shows up a great distance away, Squad leader Ness and sys make small talk and prepare for another Aberrant titan attack only to find out the Female Titan had cleared the gap between them in mere moments. Ignoring them She speeds past them, and Sys began the first attack with Ness close behind. Sys is then clutched by the female titan and crushed immediately, soon after Ness latched onto the female titan only for his line to be caught and is whipped to the ground. Coming to a stop the female titan gazes from a distance at another Survey Corp soldier (Armin Arelet) and begins to charge towards him. She then lands just over him causing a quake that caused Armin to fall off his horse, falling to her knees she removes his hood to identify him. once seeing him she gives a cold stare and a faint smile. The female titan resumes her search and is soon after being chased by Reiner, Armin and Jean. Instantly reacting to Jeans first attack She dodges his attempt to grapple onto her and removes his hood with a swing of her arm causing a gust of wind. Swatting Armins horse from under him, she had sent him flying a distance away. Now kneeling before an injured Armin the female titan notices Jeans incoming attack and protects her weak spot on the nape of her neck. Going in for the kill, she swung her massive arm at a vulnerable Jean only to halt her attack midway at the sound of Armin mentioning Eren. Reiner seeing an opportunity goes in for an attack but is swiftly caught by the ever wary Female Titans grip. Reiner after a moment then burst out of her clutch by cutting off her fingers and begins to escape. Now looking at the message on her hand the Female titan changes course.

Corporal Levi and his squad of Eren, Petra, Auruo, Erd and Gunter continued to head to an undisclosed location when a scout messenger had arrived informing Levi that the entire right squadron had been completely wiped out. Upon receiving this news Levi dispatched Petra to relay this message to the remaining left squadron. Multiple black flares were then fired signaling Aberrant titans were within there left hand side. The squad who fire the initial black flare had encountered the Female Titan heading towards the lower center of the squadron where Corporal Levi's squad is. Aware of the impending attack the Female Titan quickly covers her weak point while keeping an eye on the surrounding scouts when there squad leader attempted to fire a flare at her head. Easily dodging this she had made it seem she had stumbled when at this point the entire squad had begone a simultaneous attack. Allowing the three lines to latch on to her, she had snatch one of the lines and leaped high into the air bringing them along with her and landing on one of them with her heel. Another scout managing to free himself had attempted to retreat but was immediately stomped through an entire house from the top-down. The final scout had been left dangling on his wire being held up on the other end by a the female titan who had given him an eerie stare. Now casually walking towards the squad leader rapidly spinning a dead scout she continues to advance but not before she released her victim high into the air. The squad leader now speeding away via horse from the entire town panicking had much to his surprised noticed that the Female Titan didn't let him go and had been brutally punted high to his death. Noticing two more scouts heading her way the Female Titan quickly dispatched them when she had observed green flare signals being fired in the sky, reminding her now of her objective and resumes her run. Now entering the forest of giant trees Corporal Levi's squad begin to feel tense and start to speak among'st themselves when another black flare is signaled. Drawing arms they prepare for an attack, when a lone scout emerges with his attention focused on the unknown and an ominous vibe sets in. The Female Titan then blitzed the scout swatting him down whilst protecting her weak point and dashes for Eren nearly grasping him. Catching up to them Eren looks back to see an ecstatic expression on her face when two more scouts come to there rescue only for them to quickly die by being rammed into a tree and crushed in her grip. Now more frantic then ever Petra and her squad mates are eagerly awaiting Levi's orders as the Female Titan is gaining on them when he suddenly draws out a flare firing it into the air.

Drawing out his flare gun Levi warns his squad to cover there ears, bracing themselves as Levi fires a deafening round. Soon after firing the round Levi then informs Eren of there true objective of safeguarding Eren from all titan attacks. Now beginning to arguing among themselves a few more scouts suddenly emerge to assist them but only seem to pester the Female Titan. Shielding the nape of her neck a scout then attempted to attack her face when she quickly crushed him onto the side of a tree. One other more agile scout managed to outmaneuver her but was also killed in time. Now gaining to the point where she can just nearly touched Eren, the Female Titan found herself startled when she realizes she was surrounded. Erwin Smith now yelling the command, his platoon set there trap firing many dozens of hook-lines into the Female Titan entrapping her. Struggling, the female titan is now only able to keep her arms raised blocking her vulnerable spot. Distress now setting in, the Female Titan is now backed into a corner.

Erwin Smith now aside Corporal Levi ordered his platoon to fire the remaining spare hook-lines into the Female Titan. Hanji Zoe briefly speaks to the immobile Female Titan when Levi and another scout make a joint attack on the Female Titan's hands in an attempt to reveal her weak point. The Female Titan had now shown the ability to encase her hands in a crystallized shell, completely shattering there blades leaving no sign of damage the scout then pulled back. Levi is then seen standing on top of her head and begins antagonizing her until he triggered a reaction that shook all the tethered lines. She then let a horrific scream that had been so powerful it was able to reach far outside the forest of giant trees. Causing gusts of wind she had temporarily deafened the scouts when she suddenly ceased her screaming. A scout then informs Erwin Smith of a foul smell suddenly filling the air when they begin to feel the ground beneath them starting to quake. Attracting all types of titans from outside the forest Erwin commands multiple scouts to counteract there attack when instead of attacking them, the herd of titans completely ignored the scouts bypassing them. Expecting this to be the fault of the Female Titan Corporal Levi began to assault the titans when one by one the titans begin to gnaw at the Female Titan's body. Erwin Smith then ordered all the survey corp scouts in the vicinity to keep the titans from devouring the pinned Female Titan. As the Titans continued to pour in from every direction the scouts found themselves failing as the Female Titan was seemingly devoured whole. Killing many titans they now were given the order to retreat. Erwin Smith then gave the command for every one to head back to Karanes and to fire the retreat flares. Seeing the flares Eren, Gunter Petra, Auruo and Erd begin to conversate as they leave to home when a lone scout a great distance away fires a flare. Thinking this to be Corporal Levi they stop and return fire, signalling there presence. Now continuing there retreat Gunter spots a hooded scout stalking them, baffled at first Gunter realized this not to be Levi at all, when the the hooded figure darted towards him swiftly killing him. Leaving the rest in shock at the sight of a nearly decapitated Gunter the squad now has a mysterious murderer pursuing them.

Eren Vs Female Titan
Eren Vs Female Titan

The hidden pursuer is then seen pulling back into the shadows of the forest when a great lighting bolt then clashes against the ground illuminating the forest. And from the smolder & cinders emerged the Female Titan charging relentlessly at the scouts. Eren quickly attempts to maim himself into transforming but is halted by Erd when saying that they can handle the Female Titan. Reassuring Eren now, Petra, Erd and Auruo become eager for his trust which Eren then listened to there pleas and departs. Joyous of his confidence in them, they equally become focused and battle ready. Charging into the fight Erd takes the lead and deceived the Female Titan into believing he was attacking. When pulling back a hairs breath away from her grasp, he covered her sight in exhaust from his maneuvering gear blinding her. Chaining his action Petra and Auruo clasp there lines to her face and swiftly blinded the Female Titan. Staggered from the joint attack the Female Titan stumbles, facing her back onto a tree and raised her arms to cover her weak point. Wasting no time they show off there aerial capabilities, Petra, Erd & Auruo begin to slit the tendons that hold the Female Titan's arms raised revealing an opening. Eren watching, felt astonished at there tactical prowess and felt reassured in there victory until the thought of Levi earlier mentioning "you never know how things will turn out" had brought doubt in his belief. Now turning his attention back on the fight, Erd lunges in for an attack when a sudden restoration in one of the female titans eyes, gave her the opportunity to snap her jaws down on him splitting him in half. Petrified, Petra attempted to retreat when the Female Titan rose up now stabilized and charged at her with her arms limp from her still unhealed wounds. Crushing petra beneath her foot Auruo briefly became saddened, furious now Auruo dives in at the nape of her neck attacking when his blades shattered against her crystallized skin. Auruo flinched at the sight of this ability and she wasted no time as she round house kicked him midair sending him flying. Eren overwhelmed in grief over the sight of his fallen comrades had become infuriated. Maiming himself, a gleaming light shun through-out the forest, from it an enraged Titan emerged crashing to the ground with an over whelming furiosity. Still not fully healed the female titan rose at the sight of a charging Titan and retaliated against him after dodging his attack. Absorbing the impact Eren continues to throw a barrage of blind attacks. Managing to to make her fall, Eren jumped on top of her and pinned her down. Breaking now both of his arms in a failed attempt to kill her, left both Titans unable to fight when suddenly Eren began to spasm in his anticipation to kill her. Healed, the Female Titan takes control of the fight and maneuvers her way out of his hold. She then flows away from his every blow up until she crystallizes her forearm, breaking his jaw off. Unfazed from this Eren continues to fight until he halted at the realization of who he's fighting. Ending the fight, The Female titan crystallized her leg and performed a devastating kick that tore through Erens arm, head and a nearby tree. kneeling over a defeated Eren, the Female Titan tore into his Titan with her teeth separating them and kept him captive within her mouth. As she flees, Mikasa appeared and chased her down making random attacks on the Female Titan until the she finally fell. Crystallizing her hand from Mikasa's final attack, the Female Titan swung at her causing a distraction and continued to escape when Levi stops Mikasa from pursuing further.

Powers & Abilities

Being a Titan, she has basic abilities and behaviors of most titans such as accelerated healing, massive strength, and speed. Despite that she cannot speak, she can scream which alerts all Titans nearby. This is seen when she is trapped by Commander Erwin and his forces. Unlike the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan's specialized skins, she has the ability to harden parts of her body or to speed up regeneration of certain parts of her body. For example, when Erd and his group have her pinned, she regenerates one eye just to see her enemy long enough for her to respond and kill Erd. Finally, she is skilled in martial arts that her father had taught her. She can dodge Titan Eren's punches with ease and deliver devastating attacks by hardening her fist in a diamond like casing.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Female Titan
Japanese Name: 女型の巨人
Romaji Name: Me-gata no Kyojin
1st manga book: Attack on Titan #6
1st anime episode: Attack on Titan #17
1st anime movie:
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