Faust VIII ボーン·キラーズ (Bōn Kirāzu)

Faust VIII ボーン·キラーズ (Bōn Kirāzu) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 10/10/2001
Silva and Kalim can't sell traditional crafts. Kalim warns Silva about Faust VIII and tells Silva to make Yoh forfeit. Yet, Silva tells Kalim that his face scares away customers. Kalims says "really?"
Dinnertime at Yoh's house: Anna, Yoh, Manta, and Horohoro eat autumn eggplants and rice, but Manta asks why is Horohoro doing here. Then Pirika shows up and catches Horohoro in a net and yells at Yoh for breaking their dreams. Yoh responds to Pirika that everything will work out. However, Pirika takes Yoh's words to be offensive and Horohoro reassures Yoh that he has not made his sister mad.
Bathtime: Yoh is down because Manta says only one dream is fulfilled by only the Shaman King. Manta is being realistic, and Anna pops by with the oracle pager. Anna tells Yoh he has a fight with Faust VIII.
Cemetery: Yoh and Manta are waiting for Faust while Silva has dinner with Anna. Suddenly, Faust shows up and introduces himself and when Manta states overcoming the dead is impossible, Faust threatens Manta and wants to dissect him. Before the the fight is officially started, Faust has Manta on a bony cross and he is pushing his hand inside of Manta and this enrages Yoh causing him to waste his energy fighting the skeletons.

Dub versus Sub

  1.  Sub: Faust is called a necromancer while in the
Dub: Faust is called a boneyard sorcerer 

Manga and Anime Differences

  1. In the manga, Anna replies to Silva that she loves Yoh because she believes in Yoh. In the anime (both the sub and dub), Anna replies I believe in Yoh or It's Yoh's destiny to be Shaman King

Characters & Voice Actors

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