Father, Son and Mutta Claus

Father, Son and Mutta Claus is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 09/01/2012

Mutta waits for news of when JAXA wants them to go to Houston. However Mutta is still puzzled why Kenji did not get selected instead of him. We learn about Teshima's relationship with his father.

Plot Summary

Santa Mutta is a little glum
Santa Mutta is a little glum

Mutta has been able to get the final spot to visit NASA in Houston in the hopes of becoming an astronaut, however he still has to break the news to Kenji, who apparently did not get selected. Mutta shares a cake with his parents, but he notices that his slice is rather small (only 22 degrees large in comparison to his father's and mother's slices which are 45 and 90 degrees respectively). His father says this is representative of the load that he carries, referring to the fact that Mutta is still unemployed and quips, "A son should earn more than his father!" Since it's Christmas and JAXA hasn't notified them when they will be going to Houston yet, Mutta lands a short part time job dressing up as Santa in a mall. However he still hasn't heard from Kenji, and cannot bring himself to message Kenji since finding out that Kenji didn't pass.

Teshima shows his father his room
Teshima shows his father his room

Teshima meets up with his father and shows him his room. Teshima made several models of fictional creatures that might exist on other planets. It also turns out that his father wrote a lot on the subject of organisms living on other planets, on which Teshima based a lot of his work.

After another day of working as Santa, Mutta feels a little guilty about making false promises to children, and posing as a fictional character. He receives a call from Tsurumi from JAXA, telling Mutta that they decided when they need to be in Houston. Mutta asks why Kenji wasn't selected instead of him. Tsurumi just laughs and says that the bond they share as friends is really special, Kenji had asked the same question. Tsurumi then reveals that Kenji was also selected by JAXA. This is because originally a total of 9 candidates were selected to go to Houston, but Teshima from Team B withdrew before the announcement was made, resulting in the announcement of 8 candidates. Teshima explained to Tsurumi and Nasuda that he had initially wanted to carry on his father's desire to become an astronaut, but realized during the exam that his real calling was investigating life forms in space, not being an astronaut.

It is speculated that Europa has life
It is speculated that Europa has life

Teshima reveals to his father that he has an interview to work with JAXA's ISAS which has plans to send a probe to Europa in the hopes of digging into the ice and finding the first extra-terrestrial life form. Teshima's father had been pretty strict with him and wanted him to become an astronaut since he himself had unsuccessfully taken JAXA's exams three times. Now Teshima realizes that he can defy his father, but he can't defy his own dreams.

Serika visits her father's grave and places her journal for that year on her father's grave stone, for him to read it, saying she will pick it up later. She laughs at how she ended up writing a lot about food. Serika had started keeping journals when her father was hospitalized because her father wanted to know about what was happening to her.

Mutta reunites with his brother Hibito
Mutta reunites with his brother Hibito

Mutta figures out that JAXA timed their trips to Houston right when NASA launches the rocket which Hibito and the other astronauts will be riding in, so that they can all watch. Mutta decides to go to Houston early as to avoid the embarrassment of having the others stare at him as the rocket launches into space with his brother. Mutta visits Kenji before leaving, and Fuuka wishes him "ka-pe!" Mutta notices that his handshakes with Kenji have gotten stronger as they both get closer to their goals. When Mutta arrives in Houston and meets up with Hibito again, they share a warm welcome.

Points of Interest

  • Yuri was named after the first astrounaut that went into space, Yuri Gagarin.

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