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Fate/Zero is an anime series in the Fate/Stay Night franchise
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Its got it all Reviewed by HappyLikesFish on Jan. 5, 2013. HappyLikesFish has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Fate/Zero.

Unlike many other viewers of Fate/Zero I have never seen Fate Stay Night and from what I understand they are loosely based in the same universe. I therefore approached this anime with a completely blanc slate and was left with an impression to last a thousand years haha. Call me shallow but the first thing that I noticed about Fate/Zero was the quality of the animation, apparently the studio making it had a budget that could buy Borneo, the general art style is exceptionally familiar and is able to capture the mature and beautiful theme of the anime excellently. The fight scenes, of which there are plenty, in some cases show stunning 3d animation that works in perfect symbiosis with the rest of the 2d scene. The story is original and is unlike any other that I have seen in an anime with a huge range of events going from serial killers from the past to the life of Alexander the Great. There are many complex relationships explored and it is able to achieve the ideal level of maturity whilst remaining friendly. On an entirely personal note, for me the main selling point was that the characters brought back from the past are all ancient heroes from the past in real life who carry with them their legends and achievements, I was so intrigued that I found myself researching them for hours just to learn what I could and provide as much context as possible. In summary this is a fantastic anime and with only 25 episodes will keep you completely entertained through every single one.

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