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Fate/stay night is an anime series in the Fate/Stay Night franchise
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Fate / Stay Night
T.V. Series; 24 Episodes
Jan 7, 2006 to Jun 17, 2006

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Original Creator: TYPE – MOON, Kinoku Nasu
Production Studio : Studio DEEN
Director : Shigeru Ueda, Megumi Ishihara
Lead Composer: Kenji Kawai


The world is burning and a boy wanders aimlessly. He wants to live, but he passes out. He awakes in the care of a magician. His name is Shirou Emiyo. Ten years later and the man that saved him died, leaving everything in the name of his adopted son, the boy he saved from the inferno. Everything seems to be tranquil, Shirou using his magic to fix electronic items for his classmates. One day though, as it seems to happen in every anime, his life changes, when he witnesses two oddly dressed warriors fighting. Little does he know he is about to be dragged into a game of seven magicians and seven servants, where the prize is the immeasurable power of the Holy Grail, the granter of it’s bearers wish.


Shirou Emiyo voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama

He wants to be the protector of justice. It’s a seemingly naïve thought for a boy his age. Even after being drawn into the game of Seven Masters, he is unshaken in his beliefs. He fights to protect those for whom he cares, willing to sacrifice his own life. He seems to be the archetypical hero, completely selfless, though others think he is completely disconnected from reality. Sugiyama does a decent job expressing the steely resolve in our hero’s voice, though there is truly nothing spectacular he does with the acting.

Saber voiced by Ayako Kawasumi

She is the servant of Shirou Emiyo. Saber dons the platemail of a knight, and her resolve is as hard as the steel that plates her. She religiously follows her duty to protect Shirou, knowing no other way to live. Kawasumi does an excellent job in creating Saber. The most memorable moments are those when Saber is unarmored and vulnerable. The slight inflection of her voice during these moments exposes the tragedy of the character as well as her true nature.


Fate / Stay Night offers up everything a Shounen should have. Its violence and complex character interaction in a complex world coating, with little peanuts of love thrown in for good measure. It’s a tight package, with a fast pacing, that keeps the story interesting. The world is steeped in an intricate mythology that works well. Everything it offers shine in spades. It doesn’t reinterpret any genre, but polishes each aspect creating a pretty piece of work.


For the theme I wrote a poem, a trend I hope to continue;

He was a boy…
And she was a super powered girl.
We all know how this story goes…

She must fade… and he must wait
At a horizon she will never see the sun rise from.
But they have seen the dawn together.
Basking in the potential of the twilight
He makes the tangerines and roses
That litter the sunrise.
The rays each outlined in crimson

The hues remind him of her blushing,
The tea she put her lips to,
Blood running off edges of a blade.

The sun is the forge they pulled the sword from…
To cut the night in two.

But they are separate halves of same sky.

“In order to save a life you must sacrifice another” Fate / Stay Night deals with this issue at every bend, is it possible to save everyone or do we only pull the ones we hold dear from the calamity of a cliff. Or do we just ignore the call of the hero, and just be human, and be in love.


Fate / Stay Night has the same feel of other TYPE – MOON produced works, its coated in a gleam of moonlight. Most of the action takes place on a stage of the night. The animation is fantastic for 2006, and the action scenes improve over time, being quick and fluid. The most striking feature is overlapping of more fantastical design with the modern design of Fuuyuki City. Overall, the world is fully realized through the art.


What makes a blade is the metal, not the sheath that it is kept in. On the outside, we might see a violent dance of magic, blood and blades, but surrounding this core of chaos is a love story. Fate / Stay Night ultimately succeeds, pulling the viewer into a tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers. Every character might be driven by large abstract ideals on duty, life, and the human condition, but as the series winds down, it’s the common desire for companionship between Saber and Shirou that makes the series memorable, makes the series human. We’re all waiting on the top of the hill, waiting for someone to pull the sword of our potential from the stone of souls. And once they do, they will hold our hilts tight, for as long as they can.
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