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Fate/Stay Night is a franchise comprised of 4 movies, 5 anime series, 5 manga series
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The one small strand of hair sticks out of a character's head. Also known as a Cowlick and not to be confused with "Antenne Hair".


The hallowed scabbard of Excalibur, the embodiment of the utopia King Arthur seeks, originally stolen from her shortly before the Battle of Camlann. It is later used as a catalyst to summon Arturia during the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail War.

Bamboo Sword

A Bamboo Sword, shinai, is a practice sword made of bamboo for sparring or the practice and competition of Kendo.

Bow and arrows

Ranged weapon used since the late stone age till the wide spread of firearms. Favored ranged weapon for fantasy characters.

Command Seal

A Command Seal is a type of magic used in Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night where a mage uses those seals to force their servants to do things against their will.


This object is a cross with the image of Christ crucified upon it. It is associated with Catholicism and viewed as a means of providing protection from demons.


The strongest Noble Phantasm of Gilgamesh and known to Fate/Stay Night. It's attack Emuma Elish can tear apart the surrounding space, leaving a void of destruction.


Excalibur is associated with the Arthurian legend and the most famous named sword in the popular culture.

Gae Buidhe

Gae Buidhe is Lancer (Diarmuid)'s golden spear and Noble Phantasm.

Gae Dearg

Gae Dearg is Lancer (Diarmuid)'s weapon and Noble Phantasm.

Gate of Babylon

The King's Treasury, Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm in Fate/ Stay Night. It allows him to conjure his whole plethora of legendary weapons

Gordius Wheel

It's a chariot that Rider (Alexander the Great/Iskander) uses as his main transportation.

Gáe Bolg

The legendary demonic spear of Cú Chulainn. In Fate, its the noble phantasm of Lancer, once activated, it can alter the destiny of it's target and always strike the heart.


A Katana is a kind of Japanese style of sword with a curved single-edged blade. Best known for speed, light weight, and cutting ability. Highly popular in many styles of manga and anime.


Crushing weapon with generally simpler and cheaper design than the swords, but they're just as lethal. The cathegory includes maces, fails, hammers and alike.

Magical Jewel

A jewel or jewellery with magical abilities. It's quite common for female magicians.

Noble Phantasm

Symbol which represents a Heroic Spirit. It usually a weapon, but can be a device, armor or even a rare ability.

Plate Armor

Amor of metal plates, offering good protection. It can be a classical platemail or anything. Quite popular for knight-like characters.


long pole with a sharpened head. It's one of the most ancient weapons. Often used in fantasy or historical settings.

Rule Breaker

A weapon belonging to Caster that is capable of dispelling and destroying anything it comes into contact with the ensorcelled item or person, enchantments, connections bounded through contracts, and creatures created and maintained by prana will all be returned to their original components in a state "before they were made."

Saber's Motorcycle

In Fate Zero anime, Saber receives her motorcycle from Kiritsugu.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.


A type of motorcycle with step-through frame and a platform for the operator's feet.


Tentacles appear quite frequently in ecchi manga/anime series. They can be from monsters, animals, robots, magic, or demons. Seen as a stereotype of manga/anime.

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