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Fatal Fury is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 1 anime series
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Fatal Fury (Garō Densetsu) is a popular fighting game franchise by SNK that was adapted to two OAV's and a Motion Picture in the 1990's.

Fatal Fury (Garōu Densetsu in Japan): Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

The first OAV tells the story of Terry Bogard "The Legendary Hungry Wolf", his younger brother Andy and their friend Joe Higashi. In their youth the boys witnessed the death of their adoptive father, Jeff Bogard, at the hands of his rival Geese Howard.

Master Tung Fu Rue instructs the boys to go out into the world and train to be the best fighters in the world. They then are to reunite in 10 years to seek revenge on Geese. On the anniversary of Jeff's death the Bogard brothers reunite with their mentor to see who will become Master Tung's disciple. The two brothers, along with Joe Higashi, enter the King of Fighters Tournament with Master Tung observing in secret, to decide who the strongest fighter is. Before Terry and Andy can fight Geese arranges for the brothers to be assassinated but Joe intervenes and is injured.

Master Tung and Lily, Terry's love interest, are killed in the interim (but not before Master Tung can bestow the knowledge of the Hurricane Punch on Terry). Andy and Joe defeat Geese's underlings but are not able to defeat Geese himself. Terry arrives and after a heated battle channels enough of chi into his Hurricane Punch to defeat Geese.

Fatal Fury: The New Battle

Fatal Fury: The New Battle
Fatal Fury: The New Battle

Some time after Geese Howard's defeat at the hands of Terry Bogard, Wolfgang Krauser, the half-brother of Geese Howard locates his injured brother and seeks to challenge the man that bested him. Geese gives him Terry's name and the brother tracks him down. Soundly defeating the Legendary Wolf, Krauser allows him to live with the intent of facing him again when he is in top form. Terry, afraid of Krauser after his sound beating, becomes a lazy alcoholic and just drifts from town to town drinking. Joe Higashi tracks him down and is disgusted with what he finds. He runs off to find Krauser and face him himself. In the ensuing battle the majority of Joe's bones are broken and he is unable to see. Terry regains his courage after his young disciple, Tony, faces off against a much bigger opponent and his no quit attitude reignites the passion for fighting within Terry. Terry sound defeats US Boxing Champ Axel Hawk with one punch and then takes Tony to rest.

Terry finds Joe in the hospital being watched over by Mai Shiranui, Andy's childhood friend (and love interest). Joe sense Terry's fighting spirit and warns him to watch out. Terry meets Andy in their old fighting ground and the two battle each other within an inch of their lives before Terry finally taps into his hidden power and unleashes a new technique, defeating Andy. Terry and Tony then head off to Germany.

At Stronheim Castles Krauser sense something coming and prepares for a fight. Happy to see that Terry is ready for a fight the two face off in a battle for the ages. Sensing victory after a lengthy battle, Krauser unleashes his Kaiser Wave attack only to have it countered by Terry's Power Geyser. Defeated, Krauser commits suicide rather than live with his defeat. When news reaches him Geese laughs maniacally at his brother's fate.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (Japan)
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (Japan)

Laocorn Gaudeamus, one of the last descendants of the great warrior Gaudeamus is seeking the Armor of Mars to become a god and rule the world. His twin sister seeks Terry Bogards help in stopping him. Terry and his friends aid the young woman in her quest but time and again they are defeated by Gaudeamus' fighters. Terry's personal situation is complicated by the fact that he is developing feelings for Sulia (and vice versa) but he is not quite over Lily. Laocorn succeeds in collecting all the armor pieces and challenges the fighters. It is only when Sulia inflicts a mortal wound upon herself that Terry is able to defeat Laocorn and separate him from the armor. However Gaudeamus was simply using Laocorn to collect the armor for him and the Gaudeamus in his energy form kills his descendant before facing Terry Bogard. Only with the help of departed love does Terry find the strength to persevere.

General Information Edit
Name: Fatal Fury
Name: 餓狼伝説
Romaji: Garō Densetsu
Aliases: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
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