Fatal Fury The Motion Picture

Fatal Fury The Motion Picture is an anime movie in the Fatal Fury Franchise
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Terry, Andy, Mai and Joe are asked by a girl named Sulia to stop her brother from finding the pieces of the Armor of Mars.


Jamin, Panni, Hauer
Jamin, Panni, Hauer

The movie begins in Siria as Cheng Sinzan is digging up a piece of the Armor of Mars. As he comes out of the dig site he finds his camp destroyed and three mysterious fighters seeking his find. Barely escaping in a jeep, Cheng then faces Laocorn Gaudeamus. He is soundly thrashed by the man who takes his armor fragment and adds it to the two he already possesses. We then learn that Laocorn still has three more pieces to find.

Terry Bogard, arriving for his friends fight, sense a storm coming.

The scene then shifts to Joe Higashi, who has recently healed from his encounter with Wolfgang Krauser and is seeking to regain his Muay Thai Championship from Hwa Jai. Jai immediately presses the attack and Mai fears Joe is not fully healed but Joe is faking and takes the champion out with a single knee thrust to the head. Mai cheers for her friends victory.

Joe Wins
Joe Wins

Terry is in a video arcade playing a fighting game when he runs into Sulia Gaudeamus. She is being pursued by several masked men who Terry quickly dispatches. Sulia leaves before Terry can find out what that was about.

At Joe Higashi's congratulation party one of the Masked Men continues to pursue Sulia. Kim Kaphwan fights him to show off to his family and after a hard fought battle the attacker is revealed to be Cheng Sinzan. Sulia informs the group that her brother is behind the attack and is seeking the Armor of Mars. The group splits up into teams (Terry, Sulia and Joe going to Germany and Mai and Andy going to China) and head of to their destinations.

Laocorn dispatches his operatives to the two locations and eventually heads to Germany himself when he realizes Sulia is there with her love interest, Terry Bogard. Jamin battles Terry and the later compares his power to that of Krauser. Laocorn uses the power of the armor to beat Terry and as the two villains prepare to take Sulia Terry unleashes a Power Guyser on the rooftop and flees with Sulia, much to Laocorn's amusement.

After striking out initially Mai and Andy seek the help of Andy's Master Jubei Yamada. From Master Jubei they learn that the armor piece might be in a temple that Master Tung Fu Rue used. Billy Kane, a patron of the club the pair are at, tries to pick a fight with Andy but sees a shadow behind his foe. Striking the glass with his bo staff, Billy reveals Hauer. Hauer has overheard the location of the armor piece and using his control of wind wreaks the club as he leaves.

Billy Kane reports the incident to Geese Howard, who dismisses it as he is only interested in acquiring more power and defeating Terry Bogard. Andy and Mai collect the Armor piece from the temple but Hauer manages to steal if from the pair. Panni arrives in Germany before Joe and manages to get the chest plate that resides in Stroheim Castle.

Laocorn now has all of the armor pieces save for the crown. Sulia and the others discover its location but before they can make way for the site are ambushed by Panni, Hauer and Jamin. Sulia leaves with Jamin and the others prepare to deal with Terry and the others but Andy arrives and thrashes Hauer while Mai defeats Panni.

Gaudeamus vs Terry
Gaudeamus vs Terry

The group arrives at the dead sea, the sight of the final armor piece. Terry battles and defeats Jamin but does not arrive in time to stop Laocorn from claiming the final fragment of the armor. A huge battle occurs with no fighter able to seriously injure Laocorn. It isn't until Sulia uses her psionic connection to her brother that he is injured. Sulia prepares to run a shard through her heart and stop her brother but Terry stops her. As he tries to convince her not to harm herself Laocorn unleashes another attack only to be stopped when Sulia stabs herself in the heart.

Bitter Sweet Victory
Bitter Sweet Victory

Terry punches through the armor's chest plate and free's Laocorn from the armors control. Sulia dies from her wound while kissing Terry goodbye. The armor returns to Gaudeamus who used Laocorn as a tool. Gaudeamus kills Laocorn then attacks the fighters only to come face to face with a psionic powered Terry Bogard. Terry uses all of the power at his disposal to destroy Gaudeamus and end his threat forever. Terry leaves the temple, victories, yet heart broken.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masami Obari Director Also did the character designs.
Takahiro Kishida Key Animator Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Takashi Yamada Writer
Yusuke Takeda Art Director Art Director for Occult Academy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and 009-1
Toshihiko Sahashi Music
Toshio Masuda Music Toshio Masuda is a Japanese composer who has done music for several Japanese television shows and anime series. Not to be confused with the film director of the same name.

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General Information Edit
Name: Fatal Fury The Motion Picture
Release Date: Feb. 9, 1999
Name: 餓狼伝説
Romaji: Garou Densetsu THE MOTION PICTURE
Release Date: July 16, 1994
Rating: None
Runtime: 100 (mins)
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Aliases Battle Fighters: Legend of the Hungry Wolf Mark of the Wolf
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