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Fantastic Children is an anime series
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For 500 years, there have been legends all over Europe about sightings of mysterious white-haired children, often alleged to have a maturity beyond their years as well as magical powers.


They are the "children of Vefoele," for whom a pallid look like mutants from Akira is the price of immortality, since they are reborn time and again until one, a boy named Palza, grows tired of the cosmic circle of life and decides he just wants one rebirth as a human. Meanwhile, on Papan Island, orphans Chito and Helga are on a quest to find a mysterious crystal that they need in order to regain their fading memories. Helga has drawn a place she doesn't know; the pair leave their orphanage to look for it, but they are hunted and Helga is captured. They are rescued by another boy called Thoma, who takes the pair to a secret island only he knows of. Helga is beginning to fall for Thoma, but she is confused by feelings for a fantasy man. She doesn't know she is really the incarnation of Princess Tina of planet Girishia, 200 million light years from Earth. The fantasy man is her lover from an earlier life. When Tarlant, one of the Vefoele, comes to the island, she begins to remember. A story created by writer/director Nakamura in search of "an old-fashioned adventure," with more than a few nods to the reincarnation romance of Sailor Moon, and publicity materials that push its parent studio's earlier involvement with Future Boy Conan.


is a poor orphan girl that keeps on running from the orphanage because she is searching for a secret place. but what she doesn't know is that she is reincarnation of a princess from a far away planet in another universe named Tina. and the place she is searching will never find on Earth. she is quite, smart but extremaly brave. she has brown hair to her neck a serious look in her eyes and great strength of never giving up.

is a friend of helga's that helps her escape from the orphanage. in the story they are introduced more like sister and brother then a love intrests. he is younger then helga is he has short brown hair and a big heart

is a boy that lives on a island with his mom and dad he is the same age as Helga and other then a lot more childish.he wears traditional clothing most of the time he has black hair and wears a short ponytail. he known martial art and he is afraid of bees. Thoma is also a reincarnation of a prince and dear friend of princess Tina from another universe. easily infuleneced by his spirtual self he helps Helga on her journey.

Children of Vefoele

are a group of kids that aslo come from the far away universe and were sent to Earth to bring Tina back.

Paruza is seen in the first episode but as he quits the group, he becomes a minor character.
Mel is also lost in the first episode but we see memories of her in the second and third episode. she was captured by the authorites. as far as you can tell by the first episode is that Paruza and Mel are a love interest and both of them are known to be weak because of their emotions.
is the leader of the group. he is the most intelligent and stays true to his mission through the whole story.
is intelligent and quick and uses his skills to research info about princess Tina.
Hasmodaiis clever but not quick however he fights to the end.
is one of the girls in the group and love interest to Agi. she is quick, intelligent and is quick to be by Agi's side.
Taruruntois the youngest member and the most stubborn and hrash one.
Dumasis out to get the group and tries to capture them.

Music Themes

Opening Theme:

"Voyage" by Inori

Ending Theme:

"miwaku no la vie en rose" by MIKA (ep 5)

"Mizu no Madoromi" by ORIGA

"Mizu no Madaromi" (Russian Version) by ORIGA (eps 16-18)

"Voyage" (Full Version) by Inori (ep 26)

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Takashi Nakamura
Hideki Mitsui

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General Information Edit
Name Fantastic Children
Name: ファンタジックチルドレン
Publisher Nippon Animation
Start Year 2004
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