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The happy-go-lucky servant of the Kirishiki family.

The Captain

The Captain is the Major's silent Body guard and Millennium's Top fighter. He is the only real Werewolf in the S.S. forces of Millennium.

The Wolfman

A creature that is literaly half man and wolf. This unnatural combination makes him insane and increadible feral so he's locked in a cage.


The pet wolf of Snake-Eyes, Snow-Job has also cared for Timber.

Tohru Mutou

Natsuno's only friend in Sotoba. He is eighteen years old and in love with nurse Ritsuko.

Tougo Sakamaki

The father of the brothers and a man-whore. He is the vampire king and runs diplomatic errands with Japan's government.


A cheerful, fanged high school student.

Tubalcain Alhambra

A vampire with more then a few tricks up his sleeve.

Vanilla Ice

One of the most loyal servants to Dio Brando. Controls the Stand named Cream.


A shark-cat-man beastman..

Winged Dragon of Ra

Most powerful Egyptian God monster


Wrath is a homunculus that was created by the failed human transmutation of Izumi Curtis' child. Izumi seeing that what came back is not her child, she gave him to the gate only to regret it greatly. Wrath manage to free himself after along time.

Yoichi Hiruma

Yoichi Hiruma is a violent football player who plays for the Deimon high Devil Bats. A team that he created himself with hopes of going to the Christmas bowl.

Yoshie Kurahashi

She is an employee of the Kirishikis.


Zeke is the puppy that the survivors of Fujimi High rescued along with a young girl named Alice. He proves useful as an early warning system against "Them".

Zero Kiryuu

Zero Kiryuu (錐生零) The silver-haired scion of a family of vampire hunters.


Zilla also known as the American Godzilla, is a movie monster that first appeared as the title character in the 1998 Roland Emmerich film Godzilla. The design by Patrick Tatopoulos is that of a hunched bent-over marine iguana.

Zilla Jr.

The only survivor from the original Zilla's eggs(before "Godzilla: Final Wars" all Zillas were called Godzilla). Unlike his parent though he gets incredibly violent when threatened or when something bad is going to happen.

Zorin Blitz

A large Scythe holding Lieutenant of Millennium. A sadistic, brutal vampire with tremendous powers of illusion

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