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Meowth (Team Rocket)

Pokemon that is a member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie and James.

Merlock Holmes

Merlock Holmes is a dhampir who is a member of the Time Police and has a crush on Sarah Goodman. He is accompanied on his missions by the Time Shifter Bindi.

Millenear Shephield

Secondary character in Rebirth. Exorcist of the Vatican who is turned into a vampire after facing a life or death situation.


Mimi is the sister from Sheshe, they form the Black Beauty Sisters.


A Decepticon Headmaster, he transforms into a bat

Moka Akashiya

Lead female of the series and Tsukune's genuine love interest.


Monda is a member of the Foxy Pirates and provided the main engine for the Cutie Wagon in the Davy Back Fights.


A servant of Arachne, he is a vampiric character who has the power to transform back to how his body looked when he was younger and stronger.


An evil Ultimate level Digimon who wants to take over the real and digital worlds.

Nao Yasumori

Nao is the wife of Mikiyasu and mother of Susumu.

Natsuno Yuuki

One of Shiki's main protagonists opposing the vampires.


A cat who turns into a vampire.


Oars is a supreme giant-zombie. He was repaired and animated by the powers of Gecko Moria with the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy.


Law's German Shepherd, he is a bomb sniffing dog


The monster Clovers parasite. Their are about 2000 of them and may have caused Clover to attack New York city.


Porunga is a wish granting dragon that is summoned when the Namekian Dragon Balls are gathered.


An alien with phenomenal powers.


Souichirou's first asset. Q is considered the most powerful of the Assets.

Red Eyes Black Dragon

A powerful Dragon in the duel monsters game. Commonly used by Joey Wheeler.

Reiji Sakamaki

The second eldest of the Sakamaki brothers. He is strict in manners and politeness.


Richie is the pet lion of Mohji, and member of the Buggy Pirates

Richter Sakamaki

The uncle of the Sakamaki brothers.

Rip Van Winkle

A Lieutenant of Millennium with a keen eye.

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Ryan Shenron


Ryuk is a Shinigami, a death god, that was so bored one day he dropped his Death Note to see what would happen. He also has an obsession with apples.The Death Note is discovered by Light, and Ryuk follows him around for much of the series to see how Light

Ryuto Asamiya

The leader of the gang Ragnarok, and thus one of the major antagonists of the History's Mightiest Disciple series. Also a childhood friend of Kenichi.


Sapphie is a young Blue Dragon with mild proficiency at controlling water.


The secret weapon of Millennium. He is a cat-boy with the power to be "everywhere and nowhere at the same time", making him next to impossible to kill.


Seraphim is a vampire ninja who seeks Euclid Hellscythe and wishes to be her servant.

Seras Victoria

Seras a young police officer who was turned by Alucard and now struggles to accept what she is turning into.

Shao May

Shao May is the miniature bear-cat that was rescued and adopted by May Chang in Xing. Now her loyal pet and friend.


A mermaid that Seine nearly killed and in order to live had to merge with a drowned girl's corpse but in the process lost her voice. She then came onto land and tried to get revenge on Seine and in the process she develops feelings for Tatsuya.


The mystical dragon who will grant a wish if the seven Dragon Balls are gathered together.


Sheshe is the older sister from Mimi together they're the Black Beauty Sisters.

Shizuka Matsuo

Shu Sakamaki

One of the Sakamaki brothers. He sleeps almost all day.


Shukaku is the one-tailed Bijuu that originally resided in Gaara.

Slifer the Sky Dragon

One of the Egyptian God cards. Slifer is a massive dragon with two mouths that represents the Egyptian god Osiris.


Sloth is the fastest of the homunculus created by Father. Simpleminded and incredibly strong.

Soul Eater Evans

One of the main characters of Soul Eater, Soul Eater Evans, more commonly referred to simply as Soul, is a scythe weapon, and a student at Shibusen.


SpaceGodzilla is a modified clone of Godzilla featured in the Heisei Godzilla film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994). SpaceGodzilla is the main antagonist of the film. It was originally planned for use in the Showa era of films but dropped, and its physical appearance is nearly identical to Super Godzilla.


A alien experiment that escaped to Eath. He now poses as a dog owned by Lilo.

Subaru Sakamaki

The angriest of the Sakamaki brothers. He tends to take his anger out toward Yui.

Summoned Skull

Summoned Skull is a dual monster commonly used by Yugi Mutou. It can be fused with the Red Eyes Black Dragon to form Black Skull Dragon

Sunako Kirishiki

The youngest daughter of the Kirishiki clan, who suffers from a mysterious malady that keeps her indoors throughout the day, only to venture out at night.

Tae Yano

Kanami's mother.

Takatoshi Hirosawa

He died in a pachinko corner. He came back as a vampire.


The pet tiger of Nagi Sanzenin who was treated, more or less, like a kitten from childhood.


Tama is a nine-tailed fox who is the main antagonist in Omamori Himari.

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