Fanalis, The Warrior Tribe

Fanalis, The Warrior Tribe is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 11/11/2012
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In order to reach Balbadd, Morgiana has been traveling with Leila and Saasa, whose caravan she has joined. But a band of thieves - allied with a slave merchant - has settled itself on the direct road to Balbadd...
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Morgiana helps Sahsa and Laylah's caravan, and when the two asks Morgiana what will she do, Morgiana states that she will return to her homeland to honor her savior's wish. In a deserted town, Sahsa bumps into a slave holder who leads his slaves. Later that night, Morgiana has nightmares about Jamil who is pinning her down and stating that Morgiana will be his slave no matter how much she runs away. Sahsa notices Morgiana, and she tells her about a herb that would help Morgiana. In her chat, Sahsa praises Laylah for saving her in the desert and talks about a young, mysterious boy. Laylah overheads Sahsa and thanks her for the compliment. Next day, the caravan leader informs Morgiana that he cannot go to Balbadd because of a bandits' base is causing trouble on the path. Morgiana tells the leader that she will take care of it.

Later that night, the same slave holder (silvered hair man) chats with one of his comrades, and around the same time, Morgiana climbs into the fortress. Morgiana announces that she will defeat them all, and the men all laughed at her. One of the big men stands up to Morgiana with a big smile, and Morgiana delivers a powerful blow to his gut. Morgiana starts beating up the bandits, and the silvered hair man marvels at Morgiana's strength and prowess. The silvered hair man asks the chief if he can bag the female Fanalis. He attacks Morgiana with a crow that slices Morgiana's arm with its talons. As a result, Morgiana feels woozy, and she collapses on the ground. In Morgiana's dream, Jamil proceeds to whip Morgiana, and Morgiana wakes up. A little girl by the name of Narja asks Morgiana if she's okay. Narja asks Morgiana what would happened to them. When Morgiana explains the concept of being slaves, Narja starts to cry. Morgiana recalls the horrors when she was a little girl, and she tries to comfort Narja. She makes a promise to Narja. Back at Sahsa's place, Sahsa is worried about Morgiana, and the caravan leader has some men. Back at the bandits' base, Morgiana asks the men to help Narja who's sick. The silvered hair man prepares to lower Narja who is hanging from a rope to his pack of hyenas. Morgiana tries to break free from her ankle cuffs, and Goltas' Rukh speaks to Morgiana. Goltas tells Morgiana that nothing binds her anymore and that she needs to have courage to break free from her past.

Jumping high into the sky, Morgiana breaks her ankle cuffs by banging them on the metal post. She unleashes a powerful shriek that scares away the hyenas. The silver haired man unleashes his pack of Marenian saber-toothed tigers, but Morgiana defeats them easily with her powerful legs. Morgiana asks the man to free the slaves, and slave merchant is angered at Morgiana's request. In the cells, Morgiana frees the prisoners, and Aladdin calls over to Morgiana who is surprised. Aladdin explains his caravan was ambushed. Outside of the base, Sahsa, Laylah, and a pack of mercenaries race to the base. They see a blue giant (Ugo) breaking the fortress apart.

Moments later, Aladdin reunites with Leila and Sahsa by rubbing his face into Sahsa's breasts. The caravan leader comments that you bump into familiar folks at strange paths in life. Morgiana learns that Aladdin is heading to Balbadd in search of Alibaba. During a celebration, Aladdin tells Morgiana that you always connected to people, and Morgiana remembers Goltas' help. Next day, Morgiana and Aladdin bid farewell to Leila and Sahsa. As the two head into the forest, Aladdin asks Morgiana if he can call her "Mor" for short.

Points of Interest

Crunchyroll and Viz Media's Name Changes

  • Crunchyroll uses the names: Leila and Saasa while Viz Media uses Laylah and Sahsa.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Narja is in a cage with the hyenas.
  • Only the manga explains that the shackles around Morgiana's feet are special since it's custom made to bind an adult Fanalis.
  • Also in the manga, the scene with the bandits smoking out the escaped slaves is omitted from the episode.
  • Fatima's name (silvered hair man) is never revealed in the anime.
  • Fatima's past as a former slave is only revealed in the anime.


  • Japanese Name: "Sentou Minzoku Fanarisu" (戦闘民族ファナリス)
  • Manga Chapter: 25-31
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist


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