Falling Apart

Falling Apart is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 08/19/2012
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Acting out on their desires is causing members of the StuCS to lose friends and even turn against each other.
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Plot Summary

Yui, still remains in bed after her police incident and refuses to come out. Taichi, when he reaches school, tells Himeko that the desire had affected him even during sleep by awakening his desire to get more sleep. Unfortunately, when his sister came to wake him up and he didn't move, she started to become worried and was panicking. Iori also had an incident with a quiz in the morning, where her desire to break the tension of the room had caused her to shout out, though she did manage to convince them that she was half-asleep.

Taichi loses control and has to be restrained
Taichi loses control and has to be restrained

Later in the clubroom they talk about Yui, and that she said she'd return to school the next week when people had forgotten about the incident. Aoki's passion for her begins to increase, but Himeko asks him to name five things about Yui, which after saying them, calms him down. Taichi's passion to help her also overrides him and Aoki and Iori had to pull him back, with Inaba blocking the exit of the clubroom. He is only stopped by Himeko telling Iori to crawl on his arm and arouse him. However, Taichi returns to normal before Iori had to move. as they return home, Inaba warns Taichi that this time he may be the one in greatest danger and may actually be at risk of dying.

They reach Yui's house, and while they talk to her through the comm system, she tells them not to come. Hovever, they happen to come across her mother retruning in, and invites them in. Yui still doesnt want to let them in, but only does so when Himeko starts to tell out Yui's secrets. when she lets them in, she lets them know that she is in hiding because she doesn't want to hurt anybody with her fighting ability. However, Himeko loses control and begins to berate Yui for staying at home, telling her that it makes all of them in danger, as Heartseed would try anything to amuse itself, even if they hide. When on the verge of tears Yui asks what should she do, Inaba snaps at her to take some responsibility and don't expect any help if she cries. Iori snaps Himeko out of it, where she apologises, and Yui begins to cry.

The next morning, Taichi comes across Iori losing control when one of her classmates asking what happened to Yui. Inaba was present, but walks out as soon as Taichi looks at her. Fujishima rescues the situation by telling the classmate that Iori is just frustrated that people were always asking her about Yui. Iori and the classmate apologise to each other and the situation is defused.

In the evening, Taichi finds Himeko by herself and asks her where she is going, and that they need to see Yui again. She tells him that her presence would make things detrimental, and that she can't afford to get herself involved in things that would make the situation worse. She also would not come to the club any more. As Taichi tries to convince her otherwise he loses control and snaps at her, telling Himeko that he was disappointed at giving up on her friends and he believed that she was better than that, bringing her to nearly cry. She tells him that she must no longer be good enough for him, and walks off.

In the clubroom, Taichi tries to get Himeko on the phone to apologise, but she doesn't respond. as the three of them were about to get ready to visit Yui again, she sends a message to them not to come by her house today. Himeko is seen taking the train home, still depressed.


  • Japanese Name: "Barabara to Kuzureru" (バラバラと崩れる)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Cry Out" by Team Nekokan feat. Atsuko

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