Weekly Fairy Tail Manga: Ch. 335 - The Time of Life

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga! Continuing off from last week, the recent chapter ends with a big cliffhanger, Gray Fullbuster's headshot scene. It leaves fans wondering if Hiro Mashima is going kill off a major character. This week's chapter is a bit strange. Let's go over the chapter.

Check out Katmic's blog on the same chapter.


Ultear recalls a magic spell called Last Ages and that it can revert back time at the cost of one's life. Back then, she wanted to use this spell to gain back her happiness but chose not to do it. She uses her spell and realizes it turns back time, one minute. At the same time, Gray and the others save each other lives after receiving a vision from their future.

While Gray wonders if someone out there gave them a message, Ultear's body lies lifeless on the ground.



  • I had a prediction that Ultear would make a sacrifice to save Gray since last chapter. Though, my prediction involved Meredy. I was wrong on that part. In this chapter, it goes unnoticed by Gray. It's a bit bittersweet since Ultear does not know that her life saved countless others, just one minute makes a difference. I wonder if Ultear is really dead or not. If she is confirmed dead, will Gray find out? It's another great cliffhanger.
  • It depends on preferences for fan service. This chapter has several fan service shots. Her body, mostly her butt, is exposed over the course of chapter. It's good for the Ultear fans, but bad for fans who want a serious chapter.


  • With Ultear's spell, it feels like a Deus Ex Machina. Ultear just remember this one spell that she never used, and it just saved Gray and the others' lives. It's a simple solution, but it doesn't have that Fairy Tail vibe, the whole friendship saves people's lives.

Overall, the chapter is great for folks who loved Ultear. This chapter and last week's chapter have been surprising. Not much plot progress, but it's entertaining enough.

Thank you for reading. Please support Fairy Tail legally. I welcome any help on the Fairy Tail wiki pages in Anime Vice.

Wiki Progress: No new wiki pages has been added last week. I have been transferring episode screenshots to character galleries. It's good to see new fans of Fairy Tail uploading images, but it's been frustrating to delete duplicate images. I ask everyone to please check the episode and character galleries before you add the images.

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Hahaha I owe you a dollar Taka! you called it. Ultear did saved Gray and others with her Last Ages spell. Tho I feel bad since Ultear was a really awesome character and if she dies, it will suck. If she does die, this will affect Jellal a lot especially Meredy. She will go insane and will kill present Rogue for revenge.

If she is still alive then Chelia can save her and I hope that happens.

well again, I hope Ultear doesn't die.

I wonder how the one minute affected Natsu? it will give him a one minute advantage against Evil Rogue and same with Wendy and the others.

As for the chapter I really enjoined it and it was interesting to see the true feelings and a past of Ultear and Gray lives! the only downfall is if Ul dies.

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This whole chapter just didn't have the Fairy Tail vibe. I was recalling how Ultear tried to commit suicide and Meredy stop her. For her and Gray, Gray knock some sense into her back in Tenrou Island. It would be fun to have Lyon meet up with Ultear or hell, a three Ice Maker reunion since they all have connections to Ur.

I hope Ultear doesn't die. I can't wait to see how Juvia reacts to Ultear.

Regarding the predictions, I included Meredy which was wrong. Now, let's see if your Jellal prediction against Acnologia will come true or not.

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@takashichea: I didn't, maybe because it was just about Ultear that's why. A reunion would be great and interesting to see.

I don't too. Juvia? I think you mean Meredy. Meredy will go nuts if she sees Ultear dead.

Jellal vs Acnologia? yes I hope that happens since he is the only wizard in my opinion that can stand up to Acnologia.

This is and extreme prediction which will not happen, but if Ultear is about to die and Acnologia comes and owns everyone she does Ice Shell and seals both... what a huge twist that would be.

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The Meredy part, yes. Regarding Juvia, I was talking about Juvia seeing Ultear as a love rival for Gray.

What happened to SakuraBlossoms? She was so charismatic in the Natsu x Lucy shipping thread. I felt bad when Daniel close down the discussion thread to open a new one. Now, that discussion thread is useless a bit with Katmic and I doing weekly Fairy Tail reviews.

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@takashichea: Mmm I am not sure about the love thing since I can bet that in Juvia's head Ultear loves Jellal

I also not sure what happened to her, we would have a lot of disagreements like another was she supported Ichigo x Rukia while I support Ichigo x Inoue. I would really like for her to comeback and have more FT discussions. same with the other FT fans that never came back.

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Huh, should I do a Bleach shipping thread?

So far, I done the

Yeah, these were some crazy ideas, but hell, I enjoy the discussions.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@takashichea: A Bleach shipping thread would be good and very interesting. tho there has one that has been made in the past. Tho this one is just Rukia/Inoue x Ichigo. http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/which-bleach-pairing-do-you-like-ichiruki-or-ichihime/337991/#15 But one that includes other bleach couples would be great.

Crazy, yes, worth it? Yes!

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Fan fic, jeez they put it in the wrong thread. I wish I was a mod and jacked that forum page and reedit it myself to include more couples.

You know what, you should start one up? Feel free to incorporate your own style. I'll be there to support you on this crazy idea. Anime Vice needs a Bleach shipping thread. Hell, we have a lot of Bleach fans.

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@takashichea: Yes, I know. It was in the wrong forum. You would had made a great one for sure.

Thanks! tho it would take me a bit off a while so I could gather great pictures for it and try to make it interesting as possible. Bleach fans would like a topic like this, especially those who like to make fan fics. Rukai/Inoue would be the topic they would go talking about the most.

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