Weekly Fairy Tail Manga: Ch. 333

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga! I'm Takashichea, a Fairy Tail wiki editor and fanatic. Continuing off chapter 333, we are heading deep in the battle between mages and dragons.


Natsu and evil Rogue and their dragons are neck and neck in their battle. While Rogue has brute force, Natsu has Nakama power. Meanwhile, one dragon tells present Rogue that he cannot kill him. Rogue denies it, but his shadow keeps taunting him. Nearby, Ultear is thinking whether to kill Rogue or not. Despite what Natsu said, Ultear is bent on killing Rogue to fix this time period.



  • Some dragon on dragon action is seen as well as the power of friendship is being demonstrated by Natsu.
  • At last, there are some conflicts with Ultear who is planning to kill Rogue. Will she do it, readers?
  • The timeline is a nice addition to the chapter. Clears some things up.


  • For those who hate cliches, Natsu's friendship can be heavy. I'm pretty used to it.


  • Where is Meredy? I want to see her take on killing Rogue.

Overall, the chapter is pretty entertaining. A good read to pass the time. For me, every Fairy Tail chapter is short. I try not to read it under five minutes.

Thank you for reading and please support the franchise by buying the manga or checking it out in the library in your home country. Or you can help out in the Fairy Tail wiki project.

All comments are welcome here or over at the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.

Wiki progress:

Been preoccupied with the spring 2013 shows, I will update volumes and their list of chapters. I thank Pikahyper and Daniel for helping me out in the project. I will add the new manga characters such as Atlas Flame.

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while i have a lot of not so great things to say about how the dragon battles are happening, i will admit that there is one thing fairy tail is getting right, accidentally or otherwise. I am unable to predict what will happen next; so at the very least i have noticed that every week i go into the manga without any idea of what i am about to see. I am curious about what natsu will do if ultear kills rogue. i was also surprised that the dragons have no idea that they are being controlled.

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I wonder if Ultear is gonna kill present Rogue...

You know, Meredy can end this really. She can put her spell on an ant and one in future Rogue then kills the ant and Rogue is dead jaja. Meredy can end it all and she is the key to winning tje war.

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That is a creative way for Meredy to beat present Rogue.

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@takashichea: More like future Rogue.

I am sure she can also beat Acnologia that way.

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I'm not sure about that since most magic doesn't work on dragons. The only thing that works would be Dragonslayer Magic.

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@takashichea: Acnologia is originally a human remember.

Post by takashichea (15,994 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Oh yes, I remember. How would they find Acnologia before he turns into a human? Plus, he is a tough Dragon Slayer who killed multiple dragons, and he likely has a high pain tolerance. It's going to be tough for Meredy to inflict damage using Sense Link magic.

Boy, you're turning this into a battle discussion. I don't mind. I did published the next chapter review if you are free to check it out.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,960 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@takashichea: That's true, Acnologia might endure the punishment.

Also Ill comment on the other chapter.

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