Weekly Fairy Tail: Ch. 336 -In Order to Live Today to the Fullest

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga! The story arc is almost reaching an end as Natsu delivers the final blow to Future Rogue. Is the war between dragons and mages really over?


Lucy arrives to share her plan with the princess and Arcadios, destroying the time gates that will stop Future Rogue and the dragons from coming to their time. Meanwhile, Natsu and Future Rogue duke it out. Natsu tries to talk Future Rogue out of it by bringing up Frosh. He tells Future Rogue that Frosh is still alive and that he can still save him. Though, none of it matters to Future Rogue. Taking a big momentum during his speech, Natsu defeats Future Rogue and his dragon and sends them towards the time gate. As a result, the gates are destroyed.



  • Natsu tries to talk some sense into Future Rogue. I believe it marks the first time Natsu tries to solve things before smashing his enemies and giving them a big speech. It does mix up things since Fairy Tail can be repetitive with Natsu's major battles.


  • If you're for a hardcore fight, Natsu and Future Rogue's battle is a bit short and unimpressive. There are more talking than actual fighting.
  • This war between dragons and mages didn't have much memorable battles.

The chapter is a bit average. After two weeks of some surprises with Gray and Ultear, it slows down a bit. Natsu's fight with Future Rogue is over for now. Though, Future Lucy's solution is a bit too convenient. There will be more consequences lying in wait for the Fairy Tail gang. Speaking of Ultear, they didn't talk about her yet. I'm hoping they cover Ultear soon.

Thank you for reading. Please support Fairy Tail legally.

Wiki Progress

Not much is done except for sprucing up the chapter pages. I still have to create the manga characters such as the princess. To be honest, I don't recall the princess's name. That's how behind I am in the Fairy Tail wiki work.

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