Fairy Tail Manga Review: Ch. 345-346

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Hey guys, I'm Taka, and I'm just picking off where Katmic left off. See his Ch. 344 review blog. Don't worry, I'm a temp. Feel free to join the gang in the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.

Don't worry, I got your back.


After the intense battle between Fairy Tail & the guilds and Future Rogue & his dragons, Natsu and the gang are taking a trip to save the giants - who all have been frozen. While Erza finds herself reverted to her child form, Natsu and his team are fighting against some treasure hunters. In the middle of battle, Natsu follows a voice. He finds himself reverted to his child form by a strange man. Around the same time, Erza runs into Minerva, who is a member of Succubus Eye. Elsewhere, Wendy and Lucy find themselves in a tight bind until Flare Corona arrives to save them. Is she Lucy's friend or foe? (Looking at her breast that holds the Succubus Eye stamp)



  • Cana and Wendy
    Cana and Wendy
    I forgot the bonus chapter where Fairy Tail B do their punishment game. It's a fun chapter, and it explores another aspect, Cana and Wendy's relationship. What I love about Fairy Tail is that it has a huge roster of characters, and it does well exploring them. Lot of shows can't do what Fairy Tail does with its characters. Cana has that gentle side to her, you don't see much.
  • Old Villains Come Back: It's awesome that Minerva and Flare are coming back. It's not Fairy Tail when it's missing some dangerous divas. I wonder if Flare is bent on getting revenge on Lucy after that bath scene.
  • Little Natsu and Erza are pretty cute. Erza's imagination and her insecurities are pretty hilarious especially that Jellal is not into lolis.


  • With this new arc, the fans who want a serious story after Mavis and Zeref declare war will be disappointed. It's Hiro Mashima's style. You see it in Rave Master and his other works. Heck, a lot of Shonen shows do this. Just sit back and enjoy it. It's not bad like the Key of the Starry Sky arc with the Big Butt Bandits.

Overall, these last three chapters are enjoyable. It's slow in story, but you'll love the punishment game, little Erza's scene, or the skirmishes/reunions between Fairy Tail and its new and old enemies.

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