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It has been quite a few weeks since I last read Fairy Tail; and I can’t say it was a bad decision, reading a large chunk of this arc in one go. Admittedly previous disappointments by Hiro continue to persist; but I guess it is still difficult to read Fairy Tail without admitting how entertaining it can be.

THE CHAPTERS: Having survived elfman’s treachery, the fairies invade Tartaros, engaging in a battle for their friends, their guild and the future of magic on their continent.


Reading these ten chapters of Fairy Tail resulted in some mixed feelings on my part. On the one hand I was certainly thrilled and entertained. On the other hand, there were SO MANY MOMENTS that irritated the hell out of me. And these issues go back to all those complaints I raised about Nakama power in a separate post.

Like I said, it irks me how fairy tail will basically cheat in favor of the good guys in order to hand them an undeserved victory. There was one moment when Natsu and Lucy were fighting that Hades look alike; and as they were screaming about how they wouldn’t let the demon steal their souls, despite the fact that he was doing just that, I couldn’t help but think about how well that scene exemplified Fairy Tail’s problem.

Certainly it was Lucy that eventually came to the rescue; yet if she hadn’t we both know Natsu would have spouted some nonsense about willfully forcing his soul back into his body, despite the strength of his opponent’s power. Even having broken away from Fairy Tail for a few weeks, that side of the series still irks me.

A manga starts a story by laying down the law of its land; where power ups at least attempt to overcome those rules in the most linear way possible, stories like Fairy Tail flout them. Certainly it was stated at a certain point in the story that action A isn’t possible, but this is Fairy Tail we are talking about. They can do what they want with magic no matter the restrictions; after all they are the indomitable invincible giants of their series.

With that precedence in mind, where exactly does Hiro expect to draw his tension from?

And that is the crux of my problem with these ten or so chapters. No matter how awesome some of these moments got, at no point in time was I at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Because we all knew Wendy wasn’t going to die-someone was obviously going to swoop in at the last moment. We all figured Natsu wouldn’t be losing his soul, and obviously MIrajane wouldn’t fall to her opponent’s tricks.

So here are the simple facts; having fought against THE MOST POWERFUL DARK GUILD IN THEIR WORLD, Fairy Tail is going to somehow come out of that battle WITHOUT A SINGLE CASUALTY. Then again, how can I be so surprised. We are talking about a guild that fought seven dragons and came out more or less unscathed.

It is for this reason that the tower of heaven is still his best arc yet, and he has yet to do anything as good. And that is because none of Hiro’s stories every really have any payoffs. And at least Tower of Heaven managed to introduce some depth to the series, some semblance of a payoff (but with none the less zero character development).

+Highlights: Dragon Force Wendy was awesome. I cannot be the only one who was pleasantly surprised that Hiro actually allowed Wendy to shine, without having Natsu ride in to the rescue. Admittedly that same chapter would have been a great opportunity for HIro to introduce some casualties to this conflict but… like I said, no pay offs.

-Almost every battle in these chapters was structured impressively, quite dynamic in not only displaying the resilience of the fairies but the strength of the demons. And that had been the greatest failing of this arc since its beginning, presenting Zeref Demons that were, in all honesty, ridiculously weak.

For all intent and purpose, I can say that Hiro redeemed most of them; and truth be told I really cannot complain about Wendy’s victory, or even Natsu and Lucy’s win, not even Gray taking down that one demon with one strike.

If there is anything these chapters failed at, it was instilling in me any level of anxiety, and that comes down to all that Hiro has done in the past; Fairy Tail has become too predictable for me to truly invest myself into its progress. Hence, you take away that nail biting anxiety one gets from a really good story, and Fairy Tail loses a large chunk of its credit in my eyes.

RATING: I will break this singular rating down into categories, because my overall rating isn’t that flattering.

-Action- 8/10, dynamic, fast paced, well choreographed.

-Art-8/10, while bland in some places, quite amazing in others.

-Character Development- 1/10, typical sappy Fairy Tail, replacing actual solid character development for worthless tearful speeches about Nakama.

-Story-5/10, a little torn on this one; like I said, Fairy Tail is now way too predictable.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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