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So this is what Fairy Tail feels like when Hiro injects some effort into providing some character development; overall I would say, not bad. Not bad, rather than simply good because this is after all nothing but setup, setup that can go very bad depending on how Hiro chooses to approach the next chapter.


Tartaros’ leader Mardgeer activates Alegria, which swallows all the fairies but for Lucy; and while it rampages, Lucy makes her stand against the Tartaros horde, standing as the last man against an impending disaster, with only her spirits for backup.


I cannot help it; I know what Fairy Tail is and clearly the key to enjoying it lies in accepting its fun and light hearted side. But I have spent so many years treating it as something so much more serious that I cannot change that mindset now.

Which means I am going to continue holding the manga to much higher standards than is necessary.

That being said, these were two considerably kick ass chapters, portending what could be a massive amount of character development for Lucy.

YES, LUCY, OF ALL PEOPLE. Then again it makes all the sense in the world. Most of us Fairy Tail fans have a pretty uniform view of Lucy as an annoying, completely useless Sakura-esq character. Then again Sakura brings so much more to the Naruto world than Lucy does to Fairy Tail.

And this has nothing to do with her battle prowess; overall Lucy serves absolutely no purpose to Fairy Tail as a guild, and suddenly the fate of the guild and Foire lies in her hands. Is that really a good thing or more bad storytelling on Hiro’s part?

Because this follows what is fast becoming a trend with Hiro, ever since Wendy acquired dragon force; he is clearly taking steps to pour some purpose and power into his female characters, attempting to push them to the fro with Erza.

And that isn’t a bad thing; Lucy is in terrible need of development, only surpassed by Natsu as far as unbelievably underdeveloped characters are concerned (strange that Oda can make that work, because on a whole Luffy hasn’t changed much since his first appearance, precluding a power up or two. Only he still works as a character. Not so for Natsu, afflicted by the sorts of problems you find with heroes that come into play at the beginning of a series, fully formed, with little to learn from the world).

At some point during this arc I envision Natsu standing at Hell’s doors and taking on everything else that Tartaros still has to offer, including END, and obliterating them. And chances are I will fume about the pointlessness of Fairy Tail. Except I will probably keep pushing forward with the series, because Natsu is a power house.

Lucy is a different case. If she stands against the entire Tartaros and comes out unscathed, utterly defeating her enemies, Fairy Tail will have reached new levels of idiocy. Because it makes absolutely no sense (And please Hiro, no Laxus making a sudden appearance, miraculously healed from his last battle; or Jella, who should be in no condition to fight).

Which is why the success or failure of this move will largely depend on what Hiro has in mind; because If this was any other series, this situation would be something to anticipate. Lucy as the last fairy tail survivor and standing by herself against Tartaros creates hope, to finally see her rise and prove herself worthy of the guild’s name.

But only if Hiro executes this part of the story right. Yes, Lucy can completely defeat Tartaros and it can be awesome, but only if Hiro doesn’t throw logic out the window and actually provides a credible solution to the Tartaros threat.

-Chapter 383 was a perfect example of Hiro allowing Lucy the chance to kick some ass, displaying her agility and durability in weathering the power of three spirit summons. Can she pull it off though, defeat Tartaros by all her lonesome?

And what is Lumen Histoire, the so called light or darkness of Fairy Tail?

What can Hiro do to create an outstanding battle royale for Lucy in the coming chapters?

Hiro’s art has been awesome for the past few chapters.

RATING: 6/10, if Hiro expects me to believe that Lucy can perform Urano Metria even after having so much of her magic sapped by three summons, then I am going to be disappointed. Because that is one ability that could give her the edge.

Wait, no, wait, we are forgetting Hiro’s pattern with such situations, having Lucy contend with opponents stronger than her, get her ass kicked, take loads of punishment and holding on until Natsu comes to the rescue. Somehow that sounds even worse than Lucy pulling off a Nakama power win.

Speaking of Sakura I really hope she gets the chance to prove herself before this war is over; the Sasori fight was a VERY LONG TIME AGO.

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Hmm, Lucy Dat Ass

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I haven't read this chapter yet (waiting until tomorrow), but I have a feeling it going be fan service and she not going to beat the Demons only free the other members of Fairy Tail

Lucy really need a Sniper King moment, she really annoy me and I not a huge fan of her powers. Seeing the top picture, it seem like she'll be KO and her summons will free the other members.

Well, Luffy's development is him growing up. He less reckless and care for more then one person. An example of Luffy growing up, is when Blackbeard was talking smack about Ace, old Luffy would have punch Jesus and yell back at Blackbeard. Another one, is him saying he going to save Fishman Island, not just his friends or Shirahoshi (like what he did in Alabasta)

Natsu is pretty much the same guy. I think the reason why Natsu haven't really develop is because he haven't loss big, he always come back and win. I was hoping he would blame himself for being the cause of Lucy beating by that lady, but he just blame it on Sabertooth and act like he wasn't in the wrong. That made me dislike him

Also, Sakura become useless again. Naruto have healing and super strength, Sakura have nothing now. I don't get why she in the fight with Madara, she not going to pull off a Maka or anything

I do really like the design for the jail monster, it look so cool

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@Destinyheroknight: By maka are you talking about Soul eater? Because while she isn't as useless as lucy, she was also basically irrelevant to her team. sure she had that cool scythe but all that meant was that she had to be the one that finished the monsters off after star and kid had done all the work of subduing an opponent; i never liked the fact that she got more attention and focus than star yet she was so useless against strong enemies. But then again i am biased in black star's favor

It's a shame sakura isn't getting her moment to shine. I don't see the change in luffy. he would have gone to save fishman island even at the start of one piece. Luffy isn't the type of person to look away when their is danger even if it has nothing to do with him. Whatever lucy does i will accept it as long as no one has to come to her rescue.

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Yes, Maka from Soul Eater. And no she isn't irrelevant to her team. She bring Soul Perception, Anti-Demon Wavelength and Calmness (when Black Star and Death the Kid use Madness). The reason she finish the monster off, is because she is the only one that can use Anti-Demon Wavelength. I love the fact she get more attention, she isn't like must Shonen heroes.

Yes, Luffy would save Fishman island. But his reason for doing it is because of his friends only, instead of the people. Remind, Luffy only care to save Vivi, he didn't care for Alabasta or its people. That one of the reasons I like One Piece, Oda show his character development with Actions. Instead of saying it, my favorite development is Robin. (As time go on, she slowly open up and show more emotion)

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