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Okay, i will admit it, this was a good chapter, sort of, depending what your thoughts about Fairy tail are and what you can guess will happen next week. I will admit, my opinion of fairy tail is still quite low, considering its train wreck run in 2013.

But maybe, just maybe, we might see a resurgence in quality in the series, maybe Hiro is actually taking steps to remedy the situation he has placed the manga in; because i really want to get back to the days of getting actually excited about the series.

THE CHAPTERS- Natsu is undressed and tossed in the cell with Lisanna; the pair fail to struggle free. Kyouka continues to torture Erza over Jellal’s position. Elfman returns to Fairy tail to execute his dark deed.

Jellal’s battle with Oracion Seis comes to an unfortunate end.


So the word is Hiro has began working on a new manga series, or rather he’s began taking steps to develop the new series. Apparently he spent a few months a while back intricately developing a new idea for a manga, only to come across an anime that mirrored his exact plot.

So he scrapped it and went back to the drawing board, and soon intends to launch an entirely new series, running alongside fairy tail. In other words, despite recent assumptions that Fairy Tail might be ending, rumours logically launched by Hiro declaring his intentions to start a new series, it seems that this new manga will be running concurrently, alongside Fairy tail.

I guess that says something about Hiro, that he has the ability to draw two manga at the same time each and every week (we still don’t know about the timeline of its release). The mangaka already proved himself skill wise in 2013, releasing nearly 120 pages within a period of two weeks, each of which was drawn spectacularly..

I might also point out that Oda (one piece) needs to put in 21 hours of work each day of each week to produce an average of 21 pages every seven days. I guess Hiro somehow makes things look easy.

Looking at this news, one has to wonder if Hiro might be bored with Fairy tail- which is an acceptable attitude, drawing the same manga and writing the same story for all those years- and is simply searching for something different to excite him as a mangaka.

Then again if that was the case all he would have to do is end Fairy tail, which isn’t happening soon- i think it was early 2013 or late 2012 when he declared that Fairy Tail was actually only halfway its run, so yes, we have a ton of Fairy tail left to read.

-Anyway, if it seems like am getting distracted, am not, its just that there isn’t much to say about these two chapters. Now am almost certain that Silver is future Gray, with the way he treated Lisanna and the comment he made about Natsu.

This would be the second time a considerably powerful being that had no connections with Natsu was acting with a sense of familiarity with him, the first being Zeref. Which begs the question if Silver and zeref aren’t connected somehow.

The mystery doesn’t really intrigue me all that much, unless the revelation turns out to be something completely out of this world. And Erza’s torture session is running on a little too long, maybe necessary to allow us a glimpse into how twisted the demons are, but not worth all those pages.

And as would be expected i have no intention of getting excited about how chapter 368 ended, not with Fairy Tail’s track record. If the finale of the Daimatou enbu negatively affected the quality of the arc, the events of Gray’s demise shot it through the sky, then almost immediately sunk it to the depths of the ocean.

Am i supposed to believe that Hiro has the guts to suddenly kill a character off? There is no way for Jellal to survive his current injury, not when his team is one time manipulator short. Not that its beyond Hiro to suddenly reveal Urtear as the old lady that had been trailing them from the shadows and will now burst onto the scene to to rewind time by a minute one last time, before being obliterated by her own spell.

I will admit to being pretty entertained by Jellal’s story after the time skip and i was curious to figure out what he had in mind for Oracion seis; i presume when he spoke of saving them he was actually referring to destroying the dark spirit over their lives, stripping away there intent to return to a life of crime, probably pull them into his little crime fighting guild.

Whatever the case, it is difficult to believe that he could have survived, because everything the chairman said made it seem like the third seal had been broken and that Face was coming online.

Am a little ambivalent about the situation in the manga? Should i really jump in excitement over the direction the series is taking? Sure i was caught off guard by Zero’s revival, yet haven’t we seen enough of Fairy tail to know where this is going?

And really, do we believe elfman will actually go through with his plans? Sure, everything Sayla said in the last scene we got seemed to suggest that this wasn’t a matter of blackmail, that elfman was probably being controlled, maybe even possessed- all that talk of souls and deals.

But really? Fairy tail has biased me quite a bit towards the way its plots progress and usually end. There’s never anything close to a payoff from placing faith in this manga. So i think i will reserve judgment till next week. That will tell me how epic or how lame these two chapters were.

RATING: 3/5, i won’t deny it that 368 was pretty excitement. I always make the mistake of reading fairy tail almost immediately after reading Beelzebub. And Beelzebub is almost always so awesome that fairy tail comes off as pretty bland.

Yet 368 managed to hold its own this time. Now we can sit back and see how far Hiro will take this story.

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I figured you weren't the type who likes discussion thread since you're a blogger. I hope you take care since I only see you once a week.

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@takashichea: What makes you think i don't like discussion threads? Its possible i spend more time on Animevice than you think i do.

Post by takashichea (16,609 posts) See mini bio Level 25

Oh I didn't mean it personally. I was just noting your habits. I do see cons and pros using discussion threads and weekly reviews.

  • With discussion threads, you can't do it alone since you will hit flood fail. Your comments get buried. There is not much room for deeper insight or a chance to highlight that insight.
  • With weekly reviews, it takes a lot time commitment (depending on the details, bugs, formatting, and images).
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There is a possibility that Hiro is allowing someone to use his name as a starting boost.

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@bigz007: He sounded pretty specific, and he said the new manga would be under a different magazine.

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Manga creator Hiro Mashima confirmed on Sunday that he is starting a new series in a different magazine than his current series, Fairy Tail (Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine). However, he assured his fans that Fairy Tail is not over yet, and that he will draw both series simultaneously ("if my stamina holds up").

He explained that Fairy Tail is a long series, so from time to time, he wants to draw a new story. He noted that he drew the prototype for Fairy Tail at the same time he was still drawing Rave (Rave Master), so this is not unusual for him.

However, on Sunday, he happened to watch an anime whose concept is similar to the story he had conceived for the next series. He reluctantly gave up on this initial concept and is starting from scratch again.

Mashima is penning Fairy Tail in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The series inspired an anime adaptation that concluded with a "To Be Continued" title card. Weekly Shōnen Magazine announced on January 8 that the anime will return in April.

Kodansha USA publishes the manga in English in North America and Funimation is releasing the anime on DVD.

Full ANN article

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