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SO this arc seems pretty much done, with most of this chapter spent wrapping up the different threads of the story and bringing the characters together. Flare reunited with the giants who, though initially scolding her for having left, accept her back into their home. The giants reveal why they were armed to the teeth in their frozen states, apparently having been rising to go battle Silver and save their eternal flame before being frozen.

Minerva returned to the Succubus eye guild to find all its inhabitants dead, felled by the hand of the demon Kyouka, one of Tartaros’ nine demon gates. She explains her role in the system, to strengthen humans, with all of succubus eye having proven themselves incapable of weathering her power.

She now turns her eye towards the frightened Minerva…


This was a fairly simple chapter, with little happening as would be expected from the end of an arc. The giants were grateful to team fairy tail for their assistance, and it was interesting to see that they maintained a state of disapproval towards Flare for having run away. The chapter though doesn’t really kick off until the last few pages, with Hiro taking an interesting route to introducing Tartaros, not in one single blow during initial

contact with fairy tail during there battle, but instead allowing us glimpses of the dark guild a considerable time before Tartaros comes to the fro.

I imagine that Hiro is going to keep this up in the next few arcs, allowing us a chance to glimpse the different facets of Tartaros until we can build a pretty solid picture of the whole, before Hiro finally brings them into the light.

The ending of this chapter revealed quite a lot about the future of the series. Kyouka made it clear that Tartaros was more than some little dark guild looking to cause mischief and mayhem. Rather she hinted that the guild was making preparations to take action on a massive scale; she hinted to the coming war and the fact that she was recruiting warriors for their crusade, whatever it is.

Doriate spoke about the gates of Hell and how fairy tail was already standing in the door. It seems like he wasn’t actually referring to literal gates or hell but Tartaros’ nine gates of hell, which makes you wonder exactly who these figures are and why they incited so much fear in a demon like Doriate. And what did he really mean about standing in the door?

Maybe he meant that by entering the village and interfering with their business, Tartaros now had fairy tail in their sights; after all they slaughtered the entire succubus guild just because they failed to protect The village of the sun from intruders, who knows what plans they have for fairy tail.

If Silver, the only other gate we have seen, is a devil slayer, what in the world is he doing working on the same team as a demon like Kyouka? And where exactly do demons come from? Doriate and Minerva did speak about the underworld like it was an actual place, but in this chapter we could see that there headquarters was above ground.

I am starting to enjoy these mysteries that Hiro is crafting. Clearly he is looking at the bigger picture and trying to construct an interesting story spanning multiple arcs.

RATING:> 3/5, decent chapter,more interesting towards the end. I am happy Hiro is keeping Minerva around. Now he just has to find a use for Kagura.

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