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This was a strange chapter specifically because of how it ended, and i am not referring to the foreboding of Tartarus but the fate of the giants. Because if you think about it this arc is pretty much over. Or at least it seems like its over. I actually doubt it but if it is this is probably one of the shortest arcs in fairy tail; but none the less great chapter.


Starting off where the last chapter left off, Atlas flame emerges from the the eternal flame, only he isn’t himself. Questions over his presence are raised, Atlas revealing that he is more memory than actually alive. Wendy mentions using her Milky way magic, hence making Atlas something akin to Zirconis.

The ice seems to have left the dragon’s mind jumbled because he can barely remember his own name. The few times he regains his sanity, he reveals the cause of the village’s fate, a man, a devil slayer of ice that, mistaking him for a demon and in an attempt to annihilate him, froze the entire village. Atlas uses his flames to purge the village of the ice, returning the giants to life, but extinguishing his existence in the process, but not before revealing the existence of E.N.D the strongest magic in the book of zeref that Igneel stopped 400 years ago.

Erza and Minerva are confronted by a giant.

We catch a glimpse of Tartarus’ ice devil slayer mage at the end of the chapter. He has been summoned to attend a meeting.


Devil Slayer? Really Hiro? Not that i have a problem with that particular revelation (it was actually pretty awesome), but a few hundred chapters later and we barely know what god slayer magic even is; clearly Hiro is in no hurry to elucidate on the intricacies of a magic that, despite its name, has clearly proven itself inferior to dragon slayer.

Wait, maybe that isn’t so true, after all Natsu was all but beaten by a black god slayer, and even Wendy lost to Chelia’s wind god slaying magic despite her upgrade. But i cannot forget that saber tooth lightening slayer’s pathetic one punch defeat. Anyway, i digress, my point is we barely know anything about god slayers and Hiro already feels the need to create more slayer type magic.

But like i said, this was one amazing revelation. It almost made sense why Gray, despite all this attacks, could not defeat Doriate without relying on the devil ice. But then again that is another battle that Hiro executed rather badly. After all devil slayer magic would be all the more impressive if we had seen Gray throw everything he had at Doriate and fail, kind of like how the mages threw everything they could at the dragons during the games and completely failed to make a difference.

But Gray was in his child like state, we didn’t see him really try to fight Doriate; wasted opportunity to really make a point about devil slayer magic’s power.

But i keep returning to the irritating bits about this chapter, of which there were quite few. This was an awesome chapter. I knew Hiro wouldn’t allows Atlas to reveal everything to us with regards to the dragons, but i was waiting for him to use some pretty lame excuse, like Atlas promising to tell them after they beat the devil slayer and dying before delivering the message.

I liked the plot regarding Atlas’ befuddled memory, allowing him to reveal only enough to entice us before giving his life to restore the village. Now i am doubly curious about what happened 400 yeas ago. Atlas said he founded the village, but how and why? And how did he reach that static flame state anyway?

The most exciting parts were the revelation regarding the E.N.D magic, Igneel’s fight to stop it 400 years ago and Minerva’s warning about how she would finish her fight with Erza on a grander stage, all foreboding some epic events that will overshadow most of the world. Clearly fairy tail has room to expand and develop the universe.

Predictions: I just had a thought. Obviously we knew that Zeref was around 400 years ago but i didn’t really think about it till now. Exactly what was he up to as the humans and dragons waged war against each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zeref was friends with Achnologia back when he was a human; actually it would make a lot of sense if Zeref was responsible for Achnologia’s transformation into a dragon, or maybe it was an experiment gone wrong; either way we know that these two know each other at the present so something must have happened between them centuries ago.

Fairy tail still has some juicy mysteries that it is yet to unwrap; let’s just hope Hiro knows where he is headed and he isn’t just making things up as he goes.

Zirconis called Achnologia the king of dragons. Atlas calls Igneel the dragon king. Clearly one of these two is confused. I figured that maybe Igneel was merely the king of fire dragons, but Altas would have called him the fire dragon king rather than just dragon king. Now i am triply intrigued about the history of the fairy tail universe.

Going by what we saw at the end, it doesn’t look like Tartarus is completely evil, after all as devil slayers they must clearly fight devils and demons, which means they will prove useful in the battle against Zeref and wherever Doriate came from. Which makes me wonder though, what kind of guild is succubus eye if they can house a real live demon?

The fact that the devil slayer, silver, could unleash ice magic that neither Natsu nor Gray could melt is fascinating, like a controlled iced shell.

RATING:> 4/5, great chapter, i hope Hiro elucidates on how Devil magic came about. We still do not even know that basic fact about god slayer magic and clearly Chelia didn’t receive training from a god.

The art in this chapter was superb, especially the shots of the unfrozen village. But seriously, this arc started with the fairy tail team receiving a mission to unfreeze the village of the sun. They just did that so this arc should be over.

HIGHLIGHTD: Learning about E.N.D and devil slayer magic.

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