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Another fairly bland fairy tail chapter this week. True it is hard to really fault the chapter when you consider that Hiro only has 22 pages to tell his story each week. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it so much if it seemed like the manga was rushing ahead way too quickly, giving no time to the process of building a base for the upcoming story. None the less i wish Hiro would strive to make these chapters a little more interesting than they are.
This week we continued along the Gray, Doriate battle. Gray proved to be an irritating little punk by constantly tricking the demon using his meager ice magic. Eventually though he comes to realize how little of a effect his magic is having on the demon, beyond merely infuriating him.
Erza is at the mercy of Minerva. She givers Erza a chance to beg for her life. Erza makes a nakama power speech that infuriates Minerva who moves to strike her down. Suddenly Erza’s body returns to its normal age and she escapes Minerva’s blade.
The two prepare to face off, with Minerva admitting to herself to having figured out a counter for Erza’s Nakagami armor.
We see both Natsu and Gray return to their original bodies, with Gray surmising that Doroite’s anger has allowed his retrogression magic to seize operation. However Doroite seems to undergo a demonic change in front of Gray’s eyes, taking on what looks like a reddish color while growing in size and ferocious power.
Gray finds himself facing an opponent that looks like he just walked out of the book of Zeref.

Admittedly there were actually some good things in this chapter. I was surprised to enjoy the Gray Doroite battle; somewhat enjoy would be more accurate. It was fun to see Gray use his molding magic to trick and outwit rather than over power Doroite, especially the way he kept creating false floors. It seems like we will have a real battle on our hands next week, with Gray finally returned to full power and Doroite having achieved a new level of strength.
It seems like this is going to be a very Zeref centric chapter. We have been getting a lot of references to Hades and the underworld as of late. While i cannot admit that i actually enjoyed this chapter, i am intrigued by the forthcoming chapters, at least based on what has been inferred so far.
I highly doubt we will be seeing Zeref, but something tells me we are going to see something big and new occur somewhere along the progression of this arc.
I am ecstatic that the whole retrogression thing has ended. Finally we can get back to Erza Vs. Minerva part 2. I am pretty excited to see what Minerva has up her sleeve with regards to Erza’s Nakagami armor. Truth be told i am not even sure what the armor can do but i remember how powerful it was.
Now that i think about it this was more set up than anything. And while it failed to excite me, it certainly did a good job of getting me hyped for next week.
If Minerva had fallen for Erza’s friendship speech, i would have stopped reading the chapter right there and then. I am really really really hoping we do not get a Minerva flash back in this arc. I for one am not interested in figuring out why she is so evil. Some times i just want my villains to be plain old evil, with no hidden and tragic pasts that, once resolved, will see them change their ways.
Seriously, Minerva becoming a good guy ( as she almost did in this chapter, there was a slight hesitation on her face), i will lose a large portion of my faith in this manga.
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