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it’s funny, as far as finales go, this was as cliché as they come, even for fairy tail. And i would have written off this chapter as having little to not particularly entertainment value, except that i stopped to think about it and realized, i am happy that this arc is finally over. I do not think Hiro has done an arc of fairy tail as long as this one before, at least not one that i can remember. Whatever this chapter’s faults, it will be good to finally move on to something else.


Very little actually happened. last week we saw natsu smash the eclipse gate. This week, we see the consequences. All the dragons disappear. Atlas promises to remember natsu, which might say something about those Natsu look alike images in the history of Fiore that Zirconis revealed. Zirconis was christened the dragon of jade by Hisui. Future Lucy returned from the dead and back to her time line where all of her friends were alive.

Rogue disappeared but not before warning natsu about Frosch’s death in one year’s time and the shadows that are dogging present rogue’s heels.



I really do not understand what Hiro was thinking with this chapter. As far as arcs go, this one came to an end a little too fast, or rather a little too suddenly. Sure this arc had run on for a little too long, but Hiro chose to close it a little too suddenly. Plus it all seemed a little too easy.I have never been a fan of plots that have quick one move fixes to them. I liked the lesson that marvis mentioned, which was learnt on that day. All the dragon slayers had faced dragons and they had all failed to even beat a single one of them. That says a lot about where these kids are at.

Now we know that humanity stands no chance what so ever against Achnologia, which raises the stakes, because none of the dragons that took part in the war were in possession of even half of the black dragon’s power.

None the less Hiro wrapped this up a little too neatly, even for fairy tail. The description of filler is material in manga or anime that might posses some entertainment value during its run but which, at the end of it all has no particular impact on the story. So an anime might introduce a new story with a new intriguing set of characters, which might prove to be even more entertaining that the story in the manga, yet when that filler ends, it will be wrapped up in such a way that those events will seize to matter and nothing that happened within those fillers will impact the show in any way. It is like they never existed.

This is what this arc and a lot of other fairy tail arcs are starting to feel like, filler material. When a story introduces a major event that seemingly affects a large section of the world it takes place in, the purpose is to create a change, to bring about an evolution of both the characters and the plot. something usually changes and the world in which a story of a given manga takes place undergoes a transformation.

I feel like fairy tail underwent a great event with the tournament and the war and by the end of it, everything went back to normal. Basically despite the major phenomenon that occurred, Hiro could have executed massive amounts of character development, he could have used the arc as platform to change the very face of fairy tail. But he didn’t. He came so close that you could almost taste it, then he hit rewind like he always does and we went back to normal fairy tail; which is why fairy tail 300 chapters later is no different from fairy tail as we saw it in chapter 1. This series is failing to evolve.

That irritates me. I ready fairy tail because time and time again it displays the potential to go down in history as a great manga with a great story. And each time Hiro comes so close but then refuses to take the last step. My conclusion is that Hiro is incapable of executing change in his story. it feels like Hiro named his manga fairy tail and he is intent on making every ending and every situation morph into a fairy tale type happily ever after. That is not great story telling.

I am not particularly happy with future Lucy’s revival either. fairy tail can take great strides into dark places but it always retreats immediately after. I bet ultear will come back to life as well.

On a more cheerful note, i am happy that this arc is over. It wasn’t until i finished this chapter and realized that the arc was over that it dawned on me that i was happy that we were finally moving into new territory. Maybe i am just hopeful about the next adventure, that Hiro can do better. I am intrigued by the whole rogue situation. So clearly it wasn’t future rogue that sent those shadows to his past self during the tournament. Maybe it is a zeref thing. I am happy with the mystery and intrigue being created, especially with frosch, though i refuse to believe that Rogue dominated ten thousand dragons with his magic and attempted to take over the world all because his cat died (but this is fairy tail, that is more than logical reasoning for the series).

That is unimpressive as far as reasons to do evil are concerned. I will hope that Hiro creates a more convicting plot with regards to rogue’s actions.

I am willing to admit that i am excited by next week. From what i read, next week, Hiro is giving us, not one, not two, but three whole chapters in one single offering. And then the week after next week, Hiro will again avail to us not one not two but three whole chapters in a single offering; basically two 126 page servings with color in less than half the normal time.

It is an impressive feat. I have complained before that i sometimes feel like i have not gotten enough fairy tail in a single week. Now it seems like i will be getting three whole chapters at one go. As far as giving back to the fans, this is impressive. Now of course i am skeptical about what will actually be in those chapters.

This is fairy tail, so i suspect we will see the characters taking stock of their losses, moving through the damaged cities, most likely recounting everything that happened in the arc as if we didn’t already know, basically doing nothing particularly entertaining, besides giving what are supposed to be heart warming fairy tail type speeches for three whole chapters.

Then the week after next, we will see fairy tail go back home and have some sort of celebratory festival or feast, again for three whole chapters, probably with a lot of cheering and crying and fairy tail type speeches.

I know this is what will happen but i really hope it doesn’t. I really hope Hiro provides us with some interesting content in those 126 pages; from what i have heard, Hiro has been working on these six chapters since January. It is unlikely that he is actually going to draw three chapters next week and three chapters after. That is an extreme amount of work. With that much time to work, i hope for some quality material.

RATING:> 2/5; i really didn’t expect this arc to end so suddenly, but at least we can move on to another arc.

Highlights: the end of the chapter.

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