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Okay the fact that i expected this does not make it any less annoying that it happened. The fact that Hiro limited it to one chapter i can be grateful for, sort of. Once more i was somewhat disappointed with this week’s fairy tail chapter. It wasn’t bad but i am just waiting for the day i can finally get excited about or after reading a fairy tail chapter again.

The first chapter, 338, revolved around the party celebrating the end of the tournament. Apparently because of the gate’s destruction, a number of events were undone and most people lost their memories with regards to the dragon attack.
The king holds a feast, every mage at the tournament attends, somewhat changed and ready to reconcile over their past wrong doings and mistakes. Natsu makes a fool of himself by stealing the king’s crown.
IN chapter 339, we learn that Daronbolt wiped the magical council’s memories. Apparently the idea that the royal family was involved with the eclipse gate and thus zeref’s dark magic was the sort of scandal that would sink the people’s faith in the monarchy.
So Daronbolt acted to prevent this insight from coming to light. He willingly allows Meredy and Jellal, one of the few other people that still remembers the dragon incident to leave.
It seems cobra handed himself back to the authorities to serve his sentence once the battle ended. He apparently heard something related to the ’six mages’ and he doesn’t want Daronbolt to erase his memories.
The baram alliance, the conglomerate of dark guilds amongst which included Zero’s Oracion Seis and Hades’ Grimoire heart is apparently on the move, with the only remaining dark guild with any power worth worrying about, tartaros, apparently operating in the background.
Daronbolt leaves with a warning of things to come. Jellal and Gray learn of Ultear’s death. Gray makes a comment about how both mother, Ur, and daughter, Ultear, died the same way, sacrificing their lives to perform magic to save others. They weep for her.
Not long after fairy tail’s return to their home, they are celebrated and awarded a new guild head quarters. Elsewhere Zeref finally makes an appearance, or rather Marvis appears to him. She speaks of how he has been seeking for a place to die and asks whether he had found it. Zeref speaks of the thinking he has done in seven years, the failings of man he has witnessed and how he has ultimately decided to annihilate everything so that all can start to grow afresh.
Marvis announces fairy tail’s will to stop him.

I will admit, i wasn’t happy to spend a chapter watching fairy tail and gang party. But after finishing all three chapters, i realized that despite my not wanting to witness six entire chapters of no plot worthy material, there is some logic to Hiro’s pacing. It’s not like we can logically jump from one major arc straight to another. It makes sense that their is some down time, that we get to see fairy tail doing what it does best, make fools of themselves in egregious dalliance.
Admittedly despite my distaste of what i saw as a waste of 20 pages, i was reminded of what fairy tail was largely about and why i choose to read it. Despite the fact that it was largely funny thought, i wasn’t particularly convinced that these mages, who has so vehemently attacked each other during the tournament, not merely as tools of their guilds, but through personal feelings and grudges, could so easily mingle and laugh with each other, especially Minerva and Erza.
I wasn’t too happy about that particular hole in the plot. What happened in the tournament wasn’t just about winning and attaining the price, some of these mages got down and dirty with each other, fueling grudges that Hiro cannot tell me have so easily vanished. I think Hiro could have chosen to use the ball to squeeze some more drama out of the story. But he didn’t, and while none of these characters were villains, i am not so sure i like how everyone in fairy tail, no matter how vile, eventually transforms into a thriving ball of sunshine.
I am happy Hiro didn’t linger on these events, at least beyond a chapter. I am happy that Ultear’s sacrifice was recognized. I actually expected everyone to just move on and forget about ultear, or maybe she would return to life after the gate’s destruction; but it seems like she stayed down and Gray took note, especially of the fact that Ultear took the route of her mother, saving him by giving her life. I will admit that what Hiro chose to do with her character made for much sadder material than if she had just died.
Finally we get to see zeref after what seems like an age; and the mystery behind his existence seems to have only deepened. We knew that he sought to die, probably by natsu’s hands back at tenroujima. But he seems to have had a change of heart. Zeref is turning out to be that misunderstood savior/villain we have seen before in anime, the one that loses faith in mankind and believes that its salvation lies only in its destruction. It should be an interesting back story that Hiro is preparing to tell. The question is how Zeref and his plans are linked to Tartaros.
We have not heard about the baram alliance for a while. The first time we learnt of it was during the oracion seis arc, when we learnt of an alliance of the most powerful dark guilds around and the magical council’s plans to eliminate it, starting with Oracion seis which was eliminated by an alliance of fairy tail and Pegasus blue. They have proven to be an interesting plot so far. The Oracion seis and Grimoire heart related arcs, two members of the alliance, have proven to be impressive stories. I expect this to be even better.
RATING:>3/5, admittedly after thinking about it, i enjoyed these three chapters, though specifically the last ones. The first one for the most part didn’t matter.The art in all three chapters was pretty amazing, i will give hiro that much credit. He started off slow with 338 but by 340 i could feel that old fairy magic return, it was an ‘almost excitement’ that i felt. But anything with Zeref usually bodes great things to come.
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